Which Blow Molding Machine Screw Is Better?-IKV Screw Advantages

blow molding machine screw

Which blow molding machine screw is better?

The answer is IKV Screw.

Why choose IKV screw?

Read on together.

Blow molding machine screw is one of the important roles for blow molding machines. And it related directly the application range and production efficiency of the blow molding machine.

What is the blow molding machine screw?

It’s also called the plastic plasticizing screw.

The blow molding machine screw is usually used for extruder named extrusion screw.

During the production of the blow molding machine, the screw can plasticizing the material colloidal particles to the molten state by turning. At the same time, it establish considerable pressure. Then, extrude to the die head to form the parison material. The parison material is used for blow molding. Finally, get continuous extrusion products.

plastic blow molding machine screw

Thus, the production capacity, stable extrusion volume, and plasticizing uniformity are the main factor to consider for blow molding machine screws.

What is the role of the blow molding machine screw?

Simply speaking, it’s conveying, melting, and plasticizing materials.

IKV Blow Molding Screw Principle:

The blow molding machine screw speed not only determines the quality and output of products but also determines the transportation capacity.

You can refer to the Influence of Screw Speed on Plastic Blow Molding Machine


According to the transportation principle of the traditional single screw, the smoother the screw is, the rougher the screw barrel is, the higher the conveying efficiency is.

IKV screw is based on this principle, slotting in the screw barrel, making it rougher, efficiency will be higher.

IKV Blow Molding Screw Advantages:

1. Overcoming the overlap of several functions of the traditional screw and the instability and fluctuation caused by it, IKV screw extruder has higher output and better stability under the same conditions.

2.IKV screw’s unique parametric design, compared with traditional design, realizes the automation of the whole design process. More importantly, it can design some non-single parts model, which greatly improves the efficiency of the hollow blow molding machine and makes the operation more simple and convenient.

ikv screw for blow molding machine

3. The high pressure generated in the feeding area of the IKV screw is transmitted to all sections after the feeding section of the screw, which makes the extrusion performance of the machine very stable. The influence of the head pressure on productivity is very small and the fluctuation is greatly reduced.

4. Compared with traditional screws, IKV screw is more efficient and energy-saving, which can greatly save energy consumption costs; while saving energy, plasticizing capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional screws.

Yankang Plastic Machinery adopts IKV screw during the production.

screw for blow molding machine

Most manufacturers still use the traditional screw for blow molding machines.

The traditional screw has been widely used at the beginning, but with the development of technology, it can not meet the current market demand.

Its advantages and disadvantages are listed below

Traditional Blow Molding Machine Screw: Pros and Cons

The common traditional blow molding machine screw is a single screw. So, we take a single screw as an example.


Design simply. Low cost due to low prices. It is popular among many plastics manufacturers.


  1. Material transportation mainly depends on friction.

So the performance of adding material is limited. Powder, paste. glass fiber and other material is difficult to add. It takes extra time and labor.

  1. When the press of blow molding die head is high, countercurrent increased and the production efficiency is reduced.
  2. Blow molding machine with a single screw, exhaust effect is poor.
  3. The single screw application is limited. Some process of plastics is difficult to accomplish. Such as polymer coloring, thermosetting powder processing, etc.

In this way, it is difficult to meet the increasingly diversified market demand.

Although the price of traditional blow molding machine screw is low, lack of performance will greatly reduce the cost advantage. In the future production, there will be a lot of problems because of the lack of performance. This needs manufacturers to take extra time, energy, and fund to make up.

Under this circumstance,  the comprehensive performance of the IKV screw is better than the traditional screw.

blow molding machine screw

Blow molding machine screw as an important part of the machine, it needs carefully consider. Whether you are a manufacturer of plastic machinery or a manufacturer of plastic products, the production and selection of the IKV screw hollow blow molding machine is very necessary.

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