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Extrusion Material of the Blow Molding Machine is Long and Short?


The reason why the extrusion material of the blow molding machine is long and short is the main content of this post. There are many reasons for the extrusion material of the blow molding machine to be longer and shorter. The most important point is the control of the temperature. It can be divided into the following types: no-flow temperature, flow temperature, decomposition temperature, melting temperature, and glass transition temperature. It is very important in the extrusion blow molding production…

Abnormal Discharge of Blow Molding Machine Screw:Reasons and Solutions


The reason and solution for the abnormal discharge of blow molding machine screw is the subject of this post. The phenomenon that the screw of blow molding machine is abnormally discharged is mainly caused by the excessive clearance of the screw and barrel of the extruder. We all know that the screw and barrel gap is too large, the flow of the extruded material is unstable, and the surface of the blown product is prone to horizontal wrinkles. The screw…

How to Change the Filter Screen of Hollow Extrusion Blow Molding Machine?

filter screen of hollow extrusion blow molding machine

Today, let’s talk about how to change the filter screen of a hollow extrusion blow molding machine. Let’s take a look at the impact of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine filter on plastic extrusion molding. In the production process of the plastic blow molding machine, the plastic raw material is transported to the die through the filter. The material can be filtered and the mixing effect of the material can be improved. It is worth noting that the filter…

What Raw Materials are Used for Blow-Molded Trays? How is its Performance?


Today, I will talk to you about what raw materials are used for blow molding of hollow blow-molded trays? How is its performance? The production of hollow blow-molded trays is mainly made of high-density polyethylene HDPE as the main raw material. A certain proportion of secondary recycled materials can be added according to customer requirements, and appropriate fillers and masterbatch can be added according to the different uses of the product. Most of the HDPE used in the production of…

Plastic Road Barrier: Blow Molding Process or Rotomolding Process?


Whether the plastic road barrier is better for blow molding or rotomolding has always been an issue of constant debate in the plastic products industry. The plastic road barrier is also called isolation barriers. Commonly used are cement barriers, fiberglass barriers, and plastic road barrier. Isolation barriers are mainly used for transportation facilities and play a protective role. The main thing to be discussed today is plastic road barrier. The plastic road barrier of the blow molding process can make…

Causes and Solutions for the Unsmooth Surface of Blow-Molded Products


Today, let’s talk about the causes and solutions for the unsmooth surface of blow-molded products. Do customers often ask why the products blown by the blow molding machine are not smooth, like sharkskin? So why does this strange shark skin phenomenon occur? The following editor will analyze the causes and solutions of this phenomenon from several aspects. To find out the reasons and solutions for the unsmooth surface of blow-molded products, we must first understand the blow molding process: hopper…

Price of Septic Tank the Hollow Blow Molding Machine


Price of the septic tank hollow blow molding machine is our topic in this post. Simply put, the septic tank hollow blow molding machine is a machine used to blow the septic tank. This new type of septic tank is mainly suitable for the purification treatment of domestic sewage in various public and civil buildings such as industry, agriculture, hospitals, schools, urban residential areas, and so on. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the living environment…

Blow Molding Chairs VS Injection Molding Chairs Which is Better?


Today we will discuss the issue of blow molding chairs and injection molding chairs. The blow-molded chair uses the principle of gas pressure to inflate the hot blank tire stored in the mold into a chair-shaped product. Extrusion blow molding is to use the extrusion method to first make the plastic into a bottomed parison, and then move the parison to a blow mold to blow into a hollow product. Except for the injection machine and extruder, the blow molding…

Influence of Screw Speed on Plastic Blow Molding Machine

influence of screw speed on plastic blow molding machine

The screw speed directly affects the output of the plastic blow molding machine and the quality of the product. The value of the screw rotation speed depends on the size and shape of the screw and the extruded product, and the type of the raw material. Increasing the speed of the screw can significantly increase the output of the blow molding machine. But the power consumption is also increased accordingly. From the standpoint of increasing production, it is advantageous to use…

Process Performance of PE Hollow Molding: Detailed Description


The process performance of PE hollow molding is the focus of this post. PE has good molding and processing properties and is a commonly used plastic material for hollow molding. Its main process performance is as follows. ① Hygroscopicity The moisture absorption of PE is extremely small, generally not exceeding 0.01%. Therefore, there is no need for drying in the molding process. ②Molecular chain PE molecular chain has good flexibility, low melt viscosity, and good fluidity. The melt viscosity of…