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Category: Yankang News

1500L Marble Pattern Plastic Barrel Blow Molding Machine Testing


1500L marble pattern plastic barrel blow molding machine was successfully tested in the Yankang production workshop. The plastic barrel blow molding machine equipment of Yankang’s trial is somewhat different from the past. This time, we have made innovations in the production of raw materials, using new raw material allocation methods, and the produced plastic barrels have a marble pattern effect. This test machine expanded the diversity of plastic barrel products to meet the needs of different products. The process requirements…

Foaming Technology of Yankang Blow Molding Machine

Blow Molding Machine foaming technology

Recently, Yankang has successfully developed foaming technology and applied it in the production of water tank blow molding machine. With the development of blow molding technology, customers’ requirements for product quality have been further improved. Blow molding technical craft needs further improvement, and some new technologies emerge as the times require. Foaming technology is the product of the development of blow molding technology. 1. What is foaming technology? Foaming technology is to mix foaming material with traditional HDPE in proportion, modify the character of traditional HDPE, and…

Traffic Post/Traffic Drum Blow Molding Machine Testing on Site


Recently, the traffic post blow molding machine purchased by foreign customers from Yankang was successfully tested. This traffic post blow molding machine tested and accepted the production and operation process of the equipment during the trial machine. During the test of the blow molding machine, two different products were produced, the traffic drum and the traffic post. Producing different products is not only to check whether the products produced by the equipment meet the standards but also to examine whether…

Yankang Medical Headboard Blow Molding Machine Commissioning Testing Successfully


Recently, Yankang medical headboard blow molding machine was successfully accepted. Yankang medical headboard blow molding machine is used to produce medical plastic headboards of different models and specifications, as well as components of medical headboards. Yankang medical headboard blow molding machine uses extrusion blow molding processing technology. Compared with other plastic molding processes, the extrusion molding process has a fast molding speed, a stable quality of molded products, a high utilization rate of raw materials, and a wide range of…

Yankang Group: The First Executive Team-Building Activity in 2020

Yankang-Group_ The-First-Executive-Team-Building-Activity-in-2020

From June 19th to 20th, 2020, Yankang Group held the first executive team-building activity in 2020. 19 senior managers from the Yankang Group participated in the event. At 8 o’clock on the 19th, everyone gathered to the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center to board the boat. At 10 o’clock, the yacht officially sailed. After fishing, dining, etc. on Zhucha Island, the yacht landed on the golden beach at 15:00. At 17 o’clock, everyone gathered at the beautiful Star Island for a…

Yankang Booth:B2E9-22nd Qingdao China Plastics Industry Exhibition


From July 17-21, 2020, Yankang will be invited to participate in the 22nd Qingdao China Plastics Industry Exhibition. The exhibition will be held in Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area will reach 50,000 square meters. The purpose of this exhibition is to “focus on Asia-Pacific, base on China, Japan, and South Korea, and focus on intelligent manufacturing”, bringing together more than 500 well-known industry exhibitors at home and abroad. Covers plastic processing machinery, plastic packaging machinery,…

Into Yankang Group: the Art Flower Arrangement Event Ended Successfully


On June 12, Yankang Group held an art flower arrangement event for the company’s female employees. The main purpose of art flower arrangement activities is to enrich the cultural life of employees, improve aesthetic literacy and aesthetic ability, and enhance the cohesion of the company. The event invited professional floral teachers to teach on the spot. The art and techniques of flower arrangement are introduced in detail. Including the characteristics, colors, and functions of flowers, the types, habits, and usage…

Road Warning Column Blow Molding Machine Testing-Yankang


The road warning column blow molding machine was successfully tested in Yankang yesterday. Road warning column, also known as road cones, are traffic devices used on public roads. Segregation between urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings serves as a warning to moving motor vehicles. A collision with a vehicle will not cause a second injury. The color of red, white, red, and yellow is striking in the daytime. The latticework at night reflects a dazzling light, alerting the driver. Orders for…

Yankang 30LB Double Dual Head Blow Molding Machine Operation Testing

yankang 30lb double dual head blow molding machine operation testing

Recently, Yankang 30LB double dual-head blow molding machine operation testing successfully. Yankang brought the machine testing news report on site to everyone.   This 30LB double dual-head blow molding machine is a customized blow molding machine equipment made by American customers at Yankang.   If you understand Yankang blow molding machine manufacturer before, you should know that this double dual-head blow molding machine is different from previous.   When Yankang’s technical team communicated with the customer at the beginning, they…

Yankang Group Annual Meeting-”Dream Together, Win a Better Future”

yankang annual meeting dream together win a better future

On January 7, 2020, Yankang annual meeting “Dream Together, Win a Better Future” was successfully held. Employees of all branches of the Yankang Group come together to share the joy of the year. At the beginning of the annual meeting, Xia Heyi, president of Yankang Group, delivered a keynote speech. The speech summarized the work of the past year and put forward new requirements for the work of 2020. The group has gradually developed from the initial three people to…