Traffic Post/Traffic Drum Blow Molding Machine Testing on Site


Recently, the traffic post blow molding machine purchased by foreign customers from Yankang was successfully tested.

This traffic post blow molding machine tested and accepted the production and operation process of the equipment during the trial machine.
During the test of the blow molding machine, two different products were produced, the traffic drum and the traffic post. Producing different products is not only to check whether the products produced by the equipment meet the standards but also to examine whether the equipment can adapt to the production and processing processes of different products.

Because, to produce different products, different process parameters need to be set. This is not only to check whether the equipment can operate stably but also to check the operation of other accessories and auxiliary machines.

Whether in no-load operation or in the process of loading production, the equipment has shown stable production performance.
The quality and specifications of the products produced by the equipment trial machine, in terms of surface quality, weight standard, product quality, etc., have reached the customer’s expected product standards.
Because it is a special period, our customers cannot go to the site to participate in the test machine process. Yankang’s colleagues broadcast live on the entire test machine process in real-time through video, and provide timely feedback on the questions and requirements raised by customers.

Although the equipment was in the process of testing, only two products, traffic drums, and traffic posts were produced.
However, this does not mean that the production applications of the equipment are limited to these two types.
This is only based on the customer’s product requirements. Like other plastic transportation facilities, plastic products of other shapes or sizes can be produced on this equipment.

In other words, one blow molding machine can produce multiple types and specifications of plastic blow-molded products, which can be achieved by only changing molds of different specifications.
Of course, it is also necessary to ensure that the different products to be processed are the same in processing technology.
The related introduction of the Yankang traffic drum/traffic post blow molding machine test machine is the above content.

You can also customize your own product blow molding machine equipment with your own product production needs.

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