Yankang Medical Headboard Blow Molding Machine Commissioning Testing Successfully


Recently, Yankang medical headboard blow molding machine was successfully accepted.

Yankang medical headboard blow molding machine is used to produce medical plastic headboards of different models and specifications, as well as components of medical headboards.


Yankang medical headboard blow molding machine uses extrusion blow molding processing technology. Compared with other plastic molding processes, the extrusion molding process has a fast molding speed, a stable quality of molded products, a high utilization rate of raw materials, and a wide range of technical production.

In addition to the stable molding technology, the equipment can ensure sufficient energy supply during the production process. The operation is stable, the failure rate is low, and the equipment is relatively simple to operate. Due to the relatively high level of automation, the entire production process does not require too much labor, only 2-3 people. Although the equipment is a large-scale plastic machine, it has a very good energy-saving effect in terms of energy consumption. It can reduce the production cost as much as possible while ensuring the stable production of the equipment.

Of course, the machine produced by the Yankang blow molding machine manufacturer is not limited to the production of medical headboard products of a specific specification. Specific product production equipment can be customized according to customers’ actual medical headboard needs.


If you are producing headboard products of different models and specifications, you don’t need to change the equipment much, just change a different mold. Because the production processes of the products are similar.

Therefore, according to the production characteristics of the blow molding machine equipment, the production range of the equipment is not limited to medical headboards of different specifications. It can also be used to produce plastic blow-molded products in other applications, such as plastic tabletops, trays, water barriers, plastic barrels, and other products. As long as the processing technology is similar, prepare the corresponding mold.

In addition to the blow molding machine equipment you need, the Yankang blow molding machine manufacturer also provides the molds and auxiliary machines required by the equipment.
We will formulate a suitable blow molding machine equipment production plan based on your actual product production needs.


The content of the plan includes equipment selection design, mold design, and production, supporting auxiliary equipment plan, production raw material selection suggestions, product production raw material formula, etc.

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