Nine-foot Tray Blow Molding Machine is in Trial Operation


Today, the Yankang nine-foot tray blow molding machine is in trial operation.
Take this opportunity, let’s talk about the nine-foot tray.
The nine-foot pallet is made of polyethylene as the raw material and is extruded and blow-molded once through the blow molding process of the blow molding machine.
The nine-foot pallet is a plastic pallet with nine feet at the bottom. It can be used with mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic handling forklifts to complete the handling, turnover, and stacking of goods. There are four-sided forks commonly used by mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic handling forklifts. The products can be used in places and environments where mechanical forklifts are used unconditionally.

Advantages of nine-foot pallets:
1. The nine-foot blow molding tray adopts a large hollow blow molding machine and selects high-quality high-density polyethylene pure raw materials for one-time extrusion blow molding. The molding process is fast and the plastic is fully plasticized.

2. The nine-foot pallet product is fully formed and has stable internal quality and performance. The plastic is rapidly extruded and blow-molded in a high-melt state, which can eliminate internal stress, ensure that the product is fully molded, and the internal quality and performance are stable.

3. Additives for different purposes can be added according to customer requirements, which are economical, practical, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

4. The nine-foot plastic tray has a concave hole design, which increases the stability of the internal structure of the product and is not easy to deform during use.

5. There is a non-slip design on the surface of the pallet so that the user will not slip when the goods are transported.

nine-foot tray

6. The product material is environmentally friendly, has corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, and wear resistance, and can be used for a longer time.

7. The product itself is light, flexible to use and transport, and can be stacked without taking up too much space.

8. The nine-foot blow-molded pallet has high toughness. It is a pallet made of high-quality raw materials. It has superior performance in terms of toughness and service life.

9. The stiffener design makes the plastic pallet stronger.

10. The pallet has a smooth and bump-proof design around the pallet, and the bottom feature adds stiffeners to effectively prevent the pallet from deforming.

11. Thicker plates are stronger. Upgrading and thickening to 3.38mm sheet material, on the basis of the original, the use performance of the product is further enhanced.

12. The non-slip bottom design is safer.

13. Design non-slip mats to punch holes at the bottom of the tray, no matter whether it is fresh or other products that will seep water, there is no need to worry about water accumulation at the bottom.

14. Yankang nine-foot plastic pallets are sturdy, safe, beautiful, and practical; the plate is matched with the engineering nine-foot support structure, and the new material is upgraded and thickened with large energy and high compression.

The nine-foot plastic pallet produced by the Yankang blow molding machine has a static load of 6T and a dynamic load of 2T. And to provide customers with free installation and commissioning, free technical consultation, free product formulations, and plant planning solutions.

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