1500L Marble Pattern Plastic Barrel Blow Molding Machine Testing


1500L marble pattern plastic barrel blow molding machine was successfully tested in the Yankang production workshop.

The plastic barrel blow molding machine equipment of Yankang’s trial is somewhat different from the past.

This time, we have made innovations in the production of raw materials, using new raw material allocation methods, and the produced plastic barrels have a marble pattern effect. This test machine expanded the diversity of plastic barrel products to meet the needs of different products.
The process requirements for the production of plastic barrels this time are still tailored to customer requirements. From the volume, wall thickness, size, shape, pattern and material of the plastic barrel, the customer’s process requirements for the plastic barrel are scientifically combined with the production process of the blow molding machine equipment. Under the condition of ensuring that the produced plastic barrel products meet the requirements, the operating performance of the equipment is optimized. Make the equipment complete the whole production process in a state of energy-saving, low consumption, high efficiency, and stability.

Yankang marble pattern plastic barrel blow molding machine equipment advantages as follows:
①It can produce plastic drums with capacities ranging from 100L to 20000L to meet different plastic drum capacity requirements.
②According to the use environment of plastic barrels, different production process plans for the number of layers and the wall thickness of plastic barrels are given, and the achievable production range of layers is between 1-8 layers.
③The equipment uses PE and PP series as production raw materials, among which HDPE is the main production raw material. Such raw materials have good molding properties and low material costs. In addition, the performance of the Yankang blow molding machine can make full use of the advantages of raw materials and ensure the quality of the products.
④ In addition to the production of plastic barrels with different capacities and layers, the Yankang plastic barrel blow molding machine equipment can also realize plastic barrels of different shapes, different lines, different sizes, and different colors according to the different functions and use environments of the plastic barrels. Production. Including horizontal plastic barrels, vertical plastic barrels, and other customized plastic barrels.
⑤The equipment of the Yankang plastic barrel blow molding machine is stable, with low energy consumption, low failure rate, and low equipment production and maintenance costs. This is not limited to plastic barrel blow molding machines, all series of Yankang blow molding machines have such performance advantages.
For other types of plastic barrel blow molding machine equipment, you can refer to some of the Yankang plastic barrel blow molding machine equipment cases summarized by the editor.

Yankang 1500L marble pattern plastic barrel blow molding machine test machine, although it is the production of plastic barrel products, the equipment is not limited to the production of 1500L marble pattern plastic barrels. Products with other capacities, shapes, and styles can also be produced. As long as the blow molding machine is equipped with molds for corresponding products, and with corresponding raw material formulas.

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