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Category: Yankang News

Huashang College Leaders Come To Yankang Group For Company Visits

company visits

Saturday, 24 August, 8:30 a.m. The Huashang Family in Qingdao under the leadership of the President, come to our headquarters of Yankang Group for company visits to investigate and exchange. Visit accompanied by Xia Heyi, president of Yankang Group, and other relevant personnel.   The members of Qingdao Huashang Family are elites from all walks of life and fields around Qingdao City. It’s very rare for them to gather together in their busy schedule to come to Yankang to have…

Yankang Plastic Machinery Held Dragon Boat Festival Fun Activity

Dragon Boat Festival

June 6, 2019, Yankang Plastic Machinery held Dragon Boat Festival Fun Activity. Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China that is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. To commemorate the patriotic poet Quyuan of China. There are many activity forms to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Such as make traditional Chinese rice-pudding, wear sachet, drink realgar wine, and so on. In order to welcome Dragon Boat Festival, at the same…

Yankang Group Annual Meeting–“Walk Together, Create a Better Future”

Yankang Annual Meeting--Walk Together, Create a Better Future

On January 31, 2019, the annual meeting of the Yankang group “Walk Together, Create a Better Future” came to a successful conclusion. At the beginning of the banquet, President Xia Heyi made a New Year’s speech. Xia reviewed the past achievements of the Yankang group, looked forward to a bright future, and expressed his deep wishes to the staff. After the formal start of the luncheon, the group branches, the department staff each show their strengths, for everyone to bring…

5000 Litre 4 Layers Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Test

extrusion blow molding machine test

5000 litre 4 layers extrusion blow molding machine test successfully recently. In this test,road barrier,1500L water tank and 4000L water tank were successfully produced by this extrusion blow molding machine. Let’s have a look at the pictures of the test site. Road Barrier-4 layers 1500 litre horizontal water tank-4 layers 4000 litre vertical water tank-4 layers Before that, Yankang performed a field test of the 2000 litre 5 layers blow molding machine. Interested friends can click on the query. 《2000L…

2000L 5 Layers Water Tank Blow Molding Machine-Commissioning On Site

Water Tank Blow Molding Machine commission in site

Recently,2000L 5 layers water tank blow molding machine has been commissioning on site. Yankang 2000L 5 layers water tank blow molding machine can use to produce a water tank for 500L,750L,1000L,1500L, and 2000L in 5 layers. The night before commissioning, commissioning staff on the blow molding machine for heating. And a series of preparations are needed before heating. Such as: 1. The cooling water of the cooling material barrel must be fully opened to avoid the occurrence of screw biting.…

ArabPlast 2019:Yankang is Waiting For You!

ArabPlast 2019

From January 5th to 8th, Yankang will be invited to participate in ArabPlast 2019. As a professional manufacturer of blow molding machines, Yankang has been committed to providing better products and services for everyone. Therefore, the requirements of the exhibition are very strict. ArabPlast 2019, the largest trade expo for plastics, petrochemicals, and rubber industry in the MENA region, is set to bring together key players and experts in the sector from around the world in Dubai in early January. The…

[Thanksgiving]Yankang-Thanks to the Trust of new and old Customers

Thanksgiving:Yankang-Thanks to the Trust of new and old Customers

November 22 is Thanksgiving Day 2018. Here, we thank our new and old customers for their trust. Thanksgiving is a festival in the West, the fourth Thursday of November each year. People often thank others on this day. This festival is gradually popular in China, but have we ever thought about it, Thanksgiving, who should we be most grateful for? We are not going to be grateful for this holiday. It is through this festival that we understand that we…

European ban on Disposable Plastic Products

disposable plastic products

On October 24th, local time in Europe, the European Parliament passed a wide-ranging proposal “Prohibiting the use of disposable plastic products” with overwhelming support in Strasbourg, France. According to the proposal, by 2021 the EU will ban the use of disposable plastic products with alternatives, such as plastic straws, disposable earplugs, plates, and so on. For other disposable plastic products that do not yet have an ideal replacement, the proposal also states that these products need to be reduced by…

Happy Halloween-N ways to Halloween, don’t just stare at the pumpkin!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Yankang Plastic Machinery and all the staff wish you a happy Halloween! On November 1st, Spain is celebrating Halloween with the rest of the world. As we all know, Halloween is an American tradition, but after digestion and absorption, it is covered with a strong “Spanish” imprint. Different from the commercialization of “Halloween Eve” in the United States, the same pumpkin lanterns, and “no tricks on sugar,” it is also different from the grand altar and parade in…

Wonderful Moments of the 2018 COLOMBIAPLAST-EXPOEMPAQUE – Yankang

plastic machinery exhibition

September 24-28,Yankang attended the plastic machinery exhibition named 2018 COLOMBIAPLAST-EXPOEMPAQUE. At this exhibition, Yankang attracted many visitors. Here is the truth. As the biggest water tank blow molding machine manufacturers in China, Yankang holds a number of international leading technologies. Such as: The use of servo-hydraulic system:compared to the traditional hydraulic system, safe and efficient, saving more than 40%. And it’s less noisy. Innovative die design:using advanced electromagnetic induction heating system, safe and reliable, reduce heating time, accurate temperature control,…