Yankang Plastic Machinery Held Dragon Boat Festival Fun Activity

Dragon Boat Festival

June 6, 2019, Yankang Plastic Machinery held Dragon Boat Festival Fun Activity.

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China that is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. To commemorate the patriotic poet Quyuan of China.

There are many activity forms to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Such as make traditional Chinese rice-pudding, wear sachet, drink realgar wine, and so on.

In order to welcome Dragon Boat Festival, at the same time to express festival’s blessings and thanks for hard work to employees, Yankang held Dragon Boat Festival Fun Activity for employees of production workshop before the festival holiday.

Activities are mainly through a series of collaborative entertainment competitions in the form of teamwork.

Employees arrived one after another.

The activity also opened.

Dragon Boat Festival team

Every team has their own special team name, namely, Champion Team, Warwolf Team, The Little Tigers Team.

The first competition is the tug-of-war.

Everyone is confidently ready.

With an order from the referee,

Players on the court are energetic to strive for victory with all one’s strength

Dragon Boat Festival tug of war

Outer audiences are also not inferior.

Waving the flag and shout loudly, refueling for the players.

The momentum is not lost to the players at all.

The company prepared various recreational snacks, fruits, drinks for everyone carefully.

Everyone can cheer for players while eating and chatting.

Dragon Boat Festival food

The next competition is called “Make Concerted Efforts”

Two team members hold on another player’s arm and leg separately.

The player goes to fetch the bottle at a certain distance away.

The team that first took all the battles won.

Dragon Boat Festival take battle

Before starting, The Champion Team that full of momentum is plotting tactics on the side. And shout loudly their slogan to cheer for themselves.

After several rounds of confrontations, the Warwolves team takes the lead temporarily.

At the end of the competition, the temporarily leading Warwolves team captain thanked the opposing team in a slightly naughty way.

The audience was amused by the player’s humor.

The laughter of the scene rose and fell.

It’s halftime.

The players are eating to supplement their strength and preparing for the next competition.

After a short rest, the last competition is about to begin.

The last competition is “One-Legged Train”

Each team stand in a line.

The latter player’s hand rests on the former player’s shoulder.

The other hand-carried the legs of the former player.

Jump forward on one leg.

The first team to reach the designated destination wins.

Dragon Boat Festival take battle one legged train

After several rounds of competitions,

The warwolves team scored the highest points and won the first prize in this fun activity.

The captain of the winning Warwolves Team and the captain of the Champion Team with outstanding performances made comments.

Dragon Boat Festival take battle one legged train champign

Finally, the leaders made a summary of this Dragon Boat Festival Fun Activity.

The Yankang Plastic Machinery Dragon Boat Activity is ending in an atmosphere of joy and harmony.

In this activity, everyone has fully embodied that strive to catch up with and surpass others, and the spirit of “Friendship First, Competition Second”

Manifest the spiritual outlook full of youthful spirit and healthy and upward.

Strengthen cohesive force, a sense of honor, and team spirit.

At last, Yankang wishes you a Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Have A Pleasant Life!


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