Foaming Technology of Yankang Blow Molding Machine

Blow Molding Machine foaming technology

Recently, Yankang has successfully developed foaming technology and applied it in the production of water tank blow molding machine.

With the development of blow molding technology, customers’ requirements for product quality have been further improved. Blow molding technical craft needs further improvement, and some new technologies emerge as the times require. Foaming technology is the product of the development of blow molding technology.

1. What is foaming technology?

Foaming technology is to mix foaming material with traditional HDPE in proportion, modify the character of traditional HDPE, and strengthen the tank structure like vegetable fiber. Under the same weight of the tank, compared with the traditional HDPE tank, the structure is stronger and more durable, greatly improving the quality and working life of the blow molding tank.

In this way, Qingdao Yankang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in investing in R&D experiments, and successfully applied this technology to 1000L six layers blow molding machine, and has been recognized and favored by the Southeast Asian market. Successfully extended to India and Pakistan, and got the recognition from customers.

2.Why Yankang Plastic Machinery?

In the numerous blow molding machine peers, the customer is not the first choice for us at the beginning. They also visited many suppliers, there are many suppliers start the project research and development. Yankang Plastic Machinery led the R&D team to break through the difficult technical problem firstly. And successfully developed 1000L 6layers, 2000L 3layers, 2000L 5layers, 2000L 6 layers of foaming blow molding machines, and eventually to the market and get the consistent recognition of new and old customers.

Blow Molding Machine foaming technology

3. How does Yankang apply foaming technology to the blow molding machine?

R&D of new technology is difficult, it takes time to experiment. Our R&D team has spent more than half a year, hundreds of demonstrations, experiments, modifications, test again and again, modify day by day, modify the die head time by time. Because we promised the customer before production quality and operation support, coupled with technical team support and rich experience. The on-site commissioning of the experienced engineer, a large amount of capital investment, finally successfully developed the foaming process. And continue to be applied to all types of equipment. With mature technology, our production cycle is shortened to 3~4 months.

4.Output for foaming blow molding machine


Output Unit Weight Unit

1000L  6layers


PC/H 22 KG

2000L  3layers


PC/H 36


2000L  5layers





2000L  6layers 10~12 PC/H 36



5.Customer satisfaction

Customers affirm our technology and machinery fully, meanwhile give us some good suggestions. provide a favorable guarantee for us to open the foaming blow molding machine market further, Make our blow molding machine more optimized and more standardized.

Blow Molding Machine foaming technology

Foaming technology is an aspect of the continuous innovation and development of Yankang.In the future, Yankang plastic machinery will keep up with the pace of the times and constantly strengthen technical innovation to meet customer needs.


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