Three-layer Co-extrusion Blow Molding Machine[Operating Procedures]


Operating procedures of the three-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine are the topic of this post.

The three-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine has the advantages of higher output, good product plasticization, low energy consumption, and simple operation. It completely solves the problems of flashing and uneven thickness of blow-molded products and can bring product quality to a new level.

The three-layer co-extrusion blow molding production line adopts a new type of high-efficiency and low-energy consumption extrusion unit. Compared with similar equipment, it has the advantages of higher output, good product plasticization, low energy consumption, and simple operation. The blow molding products produced have high transparency, puncture resistance, high toughness, good low-temperature eagerness, high composite fastness, and good curl resistance.

The operator cannot stand in front of the machine when operating the machine to avoid accidental injury. Strictly prevent metal impurities in the raw materials and hard objects that damage the machine from falling into the barrel when feeding materials; do not wear gloves when operating the rotating machine to prevent getting involved and injured. Check and add the lubricating oil in the gearbox and air compressor, check the lubrication of the mechanical transmission parts, and avoid dry operation damage the machine and make noise.

The operator must be familiar with and understand the functions and functions of the switch buttons on the equipment operation panel and operate in strict accordance with the operating regulations and precautions. The main points are as follows:

First, the preparations before starting up. Before the machine heats up and starts production, open the cooling water valve, and observe whether the water channel is unblocked.

Second, close the power switch on the side of the control box, turn on the internal power supply, and press the motor start button on the panel to start the oil pump motor.

Third, for the machines that are used for the first time and have not been used for a long time, after the oil pump is started, it must be run for a few minutes before starting to operate.

Fourth, turn on the heating switch, turn on the electric heating power, adjust the temperature control, set the temperature, and observe the current of the ammeter to determine the quality of the heating coil.

Fifth, the test run should be carried out sequentially from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic. At the same time, check whether the important fastening bolts are loose, and stop immediately if any abnormality is found. After confirming that it is normal or troubleshooting, then carry out the test run.

Sixth, when the dark color material is changed to other light color materials, the barrel should be cleaned. The cleaning should be carried out with the barrel heated, and a certain amount of cleaning agent should be added to clean the feeder as soon as possible; The temperature setting when raw materials are alternated should be adjusted according to the requirements of high-melting materials.

Seventh, when the processing stops, press the motor, wall thickness, extruding stop button to turn off the motor, and finally turn off the power switch to end the work.

The above content is the operating procedures of the three-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine.

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