Water Tank Machine Energy Saving: Inverter & Electromagnetic Heater

What are the energy-saving measures for water tank machine?

With the continuous updating of the times and the advancement of technology, there are many types of water tank machine, which can generally meet the market demand for many plastic products.
To study a new water tank machine, it is necessary to overcome some defects and provide a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly blow molding machine. Not only energy saving, but also environmental protection should be responded to by the national call.

Next, let’s see where the energy saving of the water tank machine is reflected.

1. Water Tank Machine Inverter

A water tank machine inverter is one of the energy-saving methods of blow molding machines.
Why use inverters? There must be advantages! I will explain it to you without talking nonsense.
When we turn on the machine, the current in the motor will be higher than the original amount, which will consume a lot of electricity and will also affect the motor itself. Therefore, when designing the system, a margin is left in the motor.
The motor speed is generally constant, but in actual use, the speed needs to be adjusted frequently. It’s very troublesome! So using a blow molding machine inverter can solve this problem.

How does the frequency converter achieve frequency conversion?

The frequency converter can make the motor soft start, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation by changing the voltage frequency in the equipment. It can provide the equipment with overvoltage, overload, and overcurrent protection functions.

In short, the energy saving of the blow molding machine relies on the energy saving principle of the blow molding machine frequency converter to save the motor’s power. The power required during the actual operation of the machine will be much less than the original quota.
The blow molding machine developed by Qingdao Yankang uses a servo motor. It is based on the frequency converter and changes the AC power to DC power, and the energy-saving effect is more obvious.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the little knowledge about servo motors. You can click in and see the servo drive system of large hollow blow molding machines. According to the feedback from most manufacturers, the frequency converter not only saves energy but also improves the production efficiency of the blow molding machine, bringing benefits to the manufacturer.

2. Water Tank Machine Electromagnetic Heater

Electromagnetic heating can also save energy for blow molding machines. The electromagnetic heater is an important accessory of the blow molding machine. The purpose is to melt the plastic into a molded embryo. Appropriate temperature is required to increase the plasticization rate.
Yankang Plastic Machinery adopts advanced energy-saving electromagnetic heaters, eliminating traditional resistance heating.

What are the disadvantages of traditional resistance heaters?
1. Waste of electricity
Because the traditional heating method uses winding resistance for double-sided heating and internal and external circulation, part of the electricity will be lost and wasted during the entire heating process.

2. Short life
Because it uses resistance wire heating, the heating temperature of the electric heating tube can reach 300 degrees, so there will be heat retention, and the resistance wire is easily burned out, which will affect the service life.

3. High ambient temperature
A large amount of heat loss causes the temperature to rise, and air conditioning and other equipment will be turned on to cool down, causing a second waste.

Water Tank Machine Electromagnetic Heater

So after eliminating the traditional resistor, let’s talk about the advantages of induction heaters!
1. Long life
This should be what everyone is concerned about because the induction heater will not increase the coil’s temperature, so it will naturally extend the service life. The heating part is a round cable structure, the cable itself does not heat up, can reach a temperature of more than 500 degrees Celsius, and the life can reach more than 10 years.

2. Good insulation
The electromagnetic coil is made of high-temperature and high-pressure special cables, which will not directly contact the outer wall and will not leak, so the insulation is very good!

3. Safety
The outer wall of the barrel is heated by high-frequency electromagnetic heating, which fully utilizes the heat accumulated in the body and has no loss.

4. Accurate temperature control
Because the coil itself is not hot, the thermal resistance is small, the thermal inertia is low, the temperature of the inner and outer walls of the barrel is consistent, and the temperature measurement is accurate, which greatly improves the quality of the product and increases the production efficiency.

Where do electromagnetic heating and resistance heating reflect the energy saving of water tank machine?

Let’s talk about it briefly!
Compared with resistance heating, electromagnetic heating directly heats the material pipe to reduce the heat energy loss during transmission. A layer of insulation is also added to increase the utilization rate of heat energy. The heating speed is also much faster than resistance heating, and the production efficiency is high.

The above are the two parts of the energy saving of the water tank machine that the editor shared, explaining the reasons for energy saving and the advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic heating.