Acceptance of New Equipment for Blow Molding Machine: Matters Needing Attention

acceptance of new equipment of blow molding machine

What should be paid attention to in the acceptance of new equipment of blow molding machine?

Whether the new equipment of the blow molding machine is installed in place is very important to the future use effect.
Our newly purchased blow molding machine should be installed as far as possible on a concrete floor with good ventilation and sufficient light.
The environment around the equipment should be open to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the equipment. It is generally required that the distance from the wall is not less than 2 meters, and the highest point of the equipment is not less than 2 meters from the roof of the factory building, which is helpful for hoisting the blow molding machine.
In addition to the weight of the blow molding machine itself and the weight of the raw materials used in production, the foundation floor must also bear the dynamic load of the equipment during operation. The ash number of the concrete used for laying the foundation should be as large as possible, and the ratio of cement, sand, and stone must be controlled well to ensure the quality of the cement floor.

Before the equipment is installed, a series of locations for the temporary storage of raw material supply, storage of finished products, etc. must be planned. The transportation channel must also facilitate the loading and unloading of raw materials and finished products. Before the foundation ground construction, the water, electricity, and gas transmission pipelines should be embedded under the cement ground. The electrical control cabinet should also be installed in a location convenient for observation and operation.
After the new equipment of the hollow product extrusion blow molding machine is installed, the quality of the mold must be checked first. After the quality of the mold is confirmed to be qualified, start to clean the moving rail, and then conduct a dry run test run. After the test is successful, it will be officially put into production.

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the plasticizing raw material part of the extruder is qualified for the dry running test run.
Turn on the power supply of the control box first, adjust the control buttons to the stop position; then check whether the lubricating oil is in place and start the lubricating oil pump and gear reducer for three seconds; check whether there is any foreign matter in the hopper, and then rotate the belt again Check whether the screw speed and direction of rotation are correct; whether the emergency stop button is accurate and reliable; stop immediately after everything is normal. The dry run test time should not be too long, and try to control it within three to five seconds.
The second is to check and accept the heating and temperature rise of the barrel for a dry run test run.

When heating each section of the barrel, adjust the temperature control instrument according to the process requirements. The easiest way is to detect the temperature of each section of the barrel with a mercury thermometer and adjust the actual temperature difference. Check whether there is a short circuit alarm during the heating process. Whether heating can meet the process requirements. Start the drive screw rotating motor at low speed first, and observe whether the working voltage and current of the main engine are abnormal; then check whether the screw rotates smoothly and whether the working operation of each component is abnormal, etc.

After ensuring that all links are checked correctly and the trial operation is smooth, the acceptance can be regarded as completed.

The above content is the matters needing attention in the acceptance of new equipment of blow molding machine.

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