Blow-Molded Septic Tanks: Application and Prospect Analysis


Today, let’s talk about the application and prospects of blow-molded septic tanks.

The blow-molded septic tanks are a small sewage treatment system, including a pool and a septic system. When the sewage enters the pool, it will decompose the sewage anaerobically and reduce the volume of solid waste. After it is discharged after precipitation, the degree of water pollution will be reduced.

Blow-molded septic tanks can be widely used in the treatment of domestic sewage in residential quarters, schools, office buildings, hospitals, public venues, residential district municipal renovation, industrial buildings, and civil buildings.

At present, the awareness of environmental protection is getting more and more attention. Not only large cities pay attention to environmental transformation, but also the vast rural areas have gradually increased their environmental awareness. The rural streets are unobstructed, the newly built roads are wide and flat, and all villages are equipped with trash cans. In the past, the phenomenon of littering everywhere has been greatly reduced. People consciously put it in the trash can, which not only solves the problem of garbage, The appearance of the countryside has become more beautiful. Now the renovation of rural dry toilets has also become a trend. The septic tanks used in the reconstruction of dry toilets can not only make the rural environment more hygienic but also play a certain role in protecting water quality.


Our country’s rural environmental septic tanks generally use high-strength acid and alkali resistant materials such as PE and organic resin to be formed at one time, with good sealing performance, and will not cause fracture damage and compaction of scum layer in the pool due to the settlement of the foundation. Effectively solve the problem of surface water pollution caused by brick-built septic tanks, and ensure the reliable operation of septic tanks.

The blow-molded septic tanks have a reasonable structure design, and the pressure is even, and the truck will not settle or deform when rolling on the upper part. The devices can be freely combined according to site requirements, and they can be put into use within two hours after installation. The blow molding septic tank occupies about 45% of the traditional septic tank, which greatly saves land resources and has the characteristics of sensitive site selection.

Blow-molded septic tanks are more hygienic than traditional dry toilets, more convenient to install, and have a long service life. They are very suitable for family use. When installing, pay attention to the location of the inlet and outlet, as well as the exhaust port.

The blow molding environmental protection septic tank is a piece of modern environmental protection equipment, which is very convenient when it is put into use. The quality of the main equipment itself is very critical, and the service life is as long as 50 years, so we can greatly save money and costs when we use it.

Yankang Plastics Machinery is a professional manufacturer of large-scale septic tank blow molding machines, which can be customized according to customer requirements, including use sites, specifications, etc. The production specifications cover 5-100 cubic septic tanks, which can meet various requirements.

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