What Raw Materials are Used for Blow-Molded Trays? How is its Performance?


Today, I will talk to you about what raw materials are used for blow molding of hollow blow-molded trays? How is its performance?

The production of hollow blow-molded trays is mainly made of high-density polyethylene HDPE as the main raw material. A certain proportion of secondary recycled materials can be added according to customer requirements, and appropriate fillers and masterbatch can be added according to the different uses of the product.

Most of the HDPE used in the production of hollow blow-molded trays is made by polymerizing ethylene with metallocene as a catalyst under low temperature and low pressure. It is usually a linear copolymer or homopolymer with a weight average molecular weight of 200,000 to 50. The density is relatively high, and the melt flow rate can reach 1-15g per second under high load. Because HDPE has comprehensive requirements for all aspects of polymers during product manufacturing, especially its high molecular weight, it has excellent toughness and environmental stress cracking resistance, and can resist the corrosion of many chemicals; and its high-density characteristics Give the product enough rigidity and hardness. In addition, the moderate relative molecular mass distribution can significantly reduce the difficulty of high molecular weight polymers in the flow.

Yankang Plastics Machine is a professional manufacturer of plastic hollow blow molding machines in China. It has independently developed a super-large hollow molding machine for high-speed production of high-strength blow-molded pallets. It is produced by HDPE high-strength plastics, with fast molding speed, good product quality, and high strength, high toughness, and long service life. The service life of the blow-molded tray produced can reach 10 years, and it can work stably in the environment of minus 40℃ to minus 40℃. The dynamic load of its products can reach more than 3 tons, and the bending strength has reached a high level. It is the first choice for high-strength use environments.

The performance of HDPE mainly depends on its density, relative molecular mass, and relative molecular mass distribution. The greater the density, the higher the rigidity and hardness of the product, and the stronger the chemical resistance; the greater the relative molecular mass, the slower the polymer flow, the better the toughness and environmental stress cracking resistance; the wider the relative molecular mass distribution will Directly affect the speed of polymer flow.


Plastic trays made of HDPE are light and strong and can be used in different climates in various regions of the world. Yankang Plastic Machine is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hollow blow-molded pallets and plastic turnover boxes! The production line of ultra-large hollow molding machine such as 2000L, 3000L, and other ultra-large hollow blow molding equipment, hollow blow molding trays, plastic trays, plastic turnover boxes manufactured in one molding, uniform wall thickness, strong and durable, hygienic, safe, economical and beautiful, complete models, A wide range of categories, can be customized according to customer needs!

The above is the extreme performance of the raw materials selected for blow molding of the hollow blow-molded tray.

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