Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary Machine Equipment For Plastic Process

blow molding machine auxiliary machine

Blow molding machine auxiliary machine. You know what are the auxiliary machines of blow molding machine? What are the functions of each auxiliary machine? Yankang will share this guidance of blow molding machine auxiliary machine. Including who are they and what are they doing. This is the theme of the article that Yankang editors will share today.

The idea of sharing this theme is that the blow molding machine auxiliary machine plays an indispensable role in the manufacturing process of machine. The role of different auxiliary equipment assists the processing of blow molding machine from different aspects.

However, many blow molding machine manufacturers often ignore this point, and even is not clear about the blow molding machine auxiliary functions.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine
Auxiliary Equipment For Blow Molding Machine

So, this blog will give you a clear understanding, but succinct, ok?

Back to the beginning of the blog, what are the auxiliary machine for blow molding machine? Who are they?

Blow molding machine auxiliary machine include air tank, cooling chiller, mixer, cooling tower, air compressor and crusher.

In the following content, we will give a brief introduction to the functions of the above 6 types of blow molding machine auxiliary machines.

Air Tank

Store a certain amount of air, maintain a stable output air pressure, reduce the temperature of the air duct, remove some water, dust and impurities to ensure the stability of the standby gas.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine air tank
Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary-Air Tank

Cooling Chiller

Cool the mold of the blow molding machine to ensure the surface finish of the plastic blow molded products. Reduce the surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, so that the products will not shrink and deform. It is convenient for plastic products to be molded and demolded, which improves the production efficiency of blow molding machines.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine cooling chiller
Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary-Cooling Chiller


Completely uniformly mix blow molding raw materials, so that the raw materials are evenly mixed to ensure the quality and wall thickness distribution of blow molding products.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine mixer
Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary-Mixer

Cooling Tower

Remove the latent heat of evaporation generated during the processing and reduce the temperature of the water. Accelerate the cooling time of the mold and increase the productivity of the hollow blow molding machine.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine cooling tower
Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary-Cooling Tower

Air Compressor

Dry compressed air for dehumidification and blow molding to ensure the quality of compressed air and improve the quality of blow molded products.

Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary-Air Compressor


Crushing various plastic scraps and waste materials for blow molding. The plastic particles crushed by the plastic crusher can be directly used as production raw materials for blow molding.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine crusher
Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary Machine-Crusher

Everyone understands the role of each blow molding machine auxiliary machine. Although the blow molding machine is the main machine in our production process. But after introduction, everyone should also know that the role of plastic auxiliary equipment for plastic processing is also very important. Without the auxiliary machine, the blow molding machine will be difficult to proceed smoothly produce.

blow molding machine auxiliary machine for plastic process
Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary For Plastic Process

Qingdao Yankang Plastic Machinery is a plastic machinery manufacturer in China. Mainly producing large blow molding machines. Yankang provides blow molding equipment according to the production needs of customers. If you have a demand for hollow blow molding machine production equipment, you can leave a message to tell us your needs, we will provide a hollow blow molding machine complete equipment production plan and quotation.

yankang team custom blow molding machine auxiliary machine plan
Yankang Team Custom Auxiliary Machine Plan For Blow Molding Machine

The role of blow molding machine auxiliary machine is ending here. In a word, the auxiliary machine is very necessary for the blow molding machine. We hope you can pay attention to the related auxiliary equipment when choosing the blow molding machine. If you have further technical questions, you can contact us online.

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