How Should the Extruder of Blow Molding Machine be Maintained?

Extruder of Blow Molding Machine -Yankang Plastic Machinery

Ongoing maintenance is essential to improving operation efficiency, output, and quality of the product. In addition, it will prolong the time intervals of machine overhaul and reduce the overall operating cost of the blow molding machine. Maintenance has been ongoing from manufacture through installation and testing.

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share with you how to maintain the extruder of the blow molding machine.

1) Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance usually completed in the starting period. do not take the running work time. The key point of the daily maintenance is to clean the machine, lubricating every moving part, fastening the connecting bolt nut which easy loose and so on, Inspect and adjusting the motor, control instrument, each part and pipeline promptly.

2) Scheduled maintenance

Stop the machine to inspect it after the extruder continuous operating 3500-10000h(the new machine ongoing running half one year later), the detailed inspection time should be according to the operation condition to determine. Firstly dismantle the machine, and then replace the main parts that reach the wear limit after measure and identification of the wear condition.

3) Extruder work taboo

Prohibit running without raw material, should avoid intensifies the attrition empty vessel between the screw and the barrel. And also do not allow starting revolves when the barrel temperature and the resin temperature are not enough, prevent the damage in which due to the screw and the connecting pieces.

4)Stop the machine and repair it immediately when the machine presents the abnormal sound.

5)The magnetism part of the magnetic force frame in the barrel feed inlet place, in the mixture device or in the hopper that’s also can prevent the iron sundry Into barre.

6)Be sure not to make the trash, impurity, silt, or metal to mix into the filter hole boards, otherwise, it will influence the quantity, the quality of the products, increase the extruder resistance. If the resin pressure which in the front of the filter hole is obviously high, that’s means the filter hole boards may have been blocked, it needs to replace filter promptly. If there have no the resin pressure monitor or the display device was a malfunction, can observe the change of the main motor’s electric currents and the change of the extrusion to judge whether it is necessary to change (main motor’s electric current change large and the extrusion change a lightly after the filter hole boards were blocked).

7)Please turn the cooling water switch of the screw feed section off and emptying the cooling water completely if you do not use the machine for a long time. And also should refuel the oil to the stipulation oil level altitude in the gearbox. But do not clear away the plastic material which in screw and barrel. Since isolated the air PE material can protect the screw and barrel are not easy to be corroded and protect the screw not be able to rub with the barrel, therefore PE material is widely used in super size blow molding machine.

8)Regular correct temperature control instrument, check its adjustment of the accuracy and the sensitivity of the control.

9)Inspects the heater’s wiring and the contactor’s reliability inspects the fixtures, keep close bonding between the heater and the barrel. Check up the work normally or not if it has the heat preservation device.

10)Inspect and maintain the cooling fan and its connection pipeline first before adjusting them, and should repair or replace them timely while discovering the working condition is not good.

11) The maintenance for the gearbox. The maintenance requirements of the gearbox as the same as the standard gearbox mainly is check up the wear and invalidation (failure)situation for the gears, bearings. Use the specified lubricating oil, and refuel lubrication oil to the specified oil level altitude follow the specification of the machine. Less lubrication oil can not do a good job and will reduce the lifetime of the parts; too much lubrication oil, high heat energy, to consume more energy, the lubrication easy metamorphic, the spare parts will be damaged in both conditions. Change the seal ring timely to guarantee the quantity of oil conformance to requirements. In a hot place, reduce the temperature to reach the requirement by installing the oil cooler. Generally speaking, after the machine running 3500-8000h later need to replace the lubrication oil. According to the quality of the lubricating oil to determine to replace or not when in a special situation.

The maintenance of the extruder for the blow molding machine is shared here. Regarding the maintenance of other parts, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share it for you in the following time.

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