How to Maintain the Heater?

blow molding machine heater maintenance

A few days ago , Yankang shared with you how to maintain the temperature controller and how to maintain the contactor. As we all known,the blow molding machine heater maintenance is also important.

Just like we said yesterday,the heating system of blow molding machine accumulator die head is divided into three parts. The first part is the temperature controller. The second part is the contactor and the third part is the heater.

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share with you about the blow molding machine heater maintenance.

The working states of blow molding machine heater influence the normal work of accumulator die directly, and also affect the blow molding products quality and the output.

blow molding machine heater maintenance

Pay attention to the following points when using it.

1)Regular check the wiring of the wiring point whether fixed reliable and the protection of its security porcelain hat whether is normal.

2)Regular check the fixed device whether reliable. Install the spring device if it does not have auto-locking structure to guarantee heater and the barrel circle closely Joint.

3)Regular check heater insulation is normal or not, replace it if the insulation abnormal.

4)Regular check the heaters heating element whether valid and reliable, repair or replace it if there has abnormalities.

blow molding machine heater maintenance

5)Often check the wiring of temperature sensor whether reliable, and repair or replace it promptly if there has abnormalities.

6)The voltage and the heating power should cooperate when replace them. The unit power cannot too large when choose the heater, must meet the specification of the machine that ‘s enable to be durable.

7)Chose the thermo stable insulated wire when replaces heater power line, to prevent the unsafe accident.

Blow molding machine heater maintenance is shared here. Regarding the maintenance of other parts, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share it for you in the following time.

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