Blow Molding Machine Operations:The Definitive Guide

Although most of the blow molding machines are full-automatic or semi-automatic that used few human labor, we need to give machine instructions that make it working. So we have to know about how to operate blow molding machine that is blow molding machine operations and the matters needing attention during the operation process. This blog following will carding practical tips that clear and orderliness.

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Before we start, let’s have a brief understanding of the working principle of the blow molding machine.

Its working principle is that blow thermoplastic embryo that makes it cling to cooling surface of closed mold. Blown embryos will solidify and formed plastic blow molding products finally.

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Preparation before machine start

  1. Check the hydraulic oil level of blow molding machine and each hydraulic device to keep the oil quantity of tank above the base oil level.
  2. Materials that used for blow molding machine operationsshould meet the requirement of drying, and it needs to make a further drying when necessary.
  3. Check the material color whether meetsrequirement of product.
  4. Choose suitable die head according to the type and size of product. Install die head in the following order: die head flange, mold, porous plate and filter.
  5. Connect the compressed air pipe. Install core mold electric heating rod and die head heating ring. Check and open hydraulic system. Adjust the clearance of the die evenly. Check the alignment of the center line between the main machine and auxiliary machine.
  6. Set up mold adjustment parameter. And set up mold opening, mold closing and other various parameter according to mold  specific circumstances. Until the mold running that normal, stable and safe.
  7. Start up extruder, clamping device, manipulator and other operating equipment and make machine run with no load. Troubleshooting in time.
  8. According to the technological conditions, the temperature of extrusion blow moulding machine head and each heating section is set and heated step by step, and the integrity of each heating section is tested with scrap material to check whether there is heating phenomenon or not.

Trial operation is an important step before the formal start of blow molding machine operations.

Machine Start Up

  1. Open the charging machine.
  2. Open main oil pump, servo pump and winch.
  3. Open the rotating potentiometer. Be careful not to spin to the end at once. Increase speed gradually. Closely observe the magnitude and change of current. The maximum instantaneous current should not exceed 220A.
  4. Start to discharge, pre injection when the temperature of material and mold get to the predetermined parameters requirement. And you should observe the material flow until they’re  smooth and color evenly.
  5. Set up the quantity and speed of material charging and pressure holding transition point and other parameters. When add materials, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are impurities in the material barrel. Don’t let the hard object and metal enter the material barrel.
  6. Generally open the outer layer first when startup and put in material. Avoid material flowing back since over pressure after opening inner layer. Material adding frequency increase step by step from small to large. Avoid screw injury caused by low temperature due to excessive opening frequency.
  7. On the programmable logic controller, the thickness of the parison wall at each point is set according to the technological regulations.
  8. After the main machine winch is opened, and adding material to a half. Open the mold and try to inject material. After repeated attempts,prepare into automatic production.
  9. Always pay attention to the variety of temperature and pressure at any time during blow molding machine operations. If abnormal conditions are found, the power should be shut down and repaired by the mechanic repairman, and then used after recovery.

Machine Shut Down

  1. Return the speed to zero when the machine stops, and the heating sections are closed step by step. Close the mold, and blow the needle half a centimeter away from the mold, so as to prevent hard objects from falling into the mould and causing damage. Coat the mould with anti-rust agent.
  2. Turn off the main power supply, lubricate and maintain the equipment, add lubricating oil, clean up the whole machine and shut down the water in each part. If the shutdown time is long, the water in the mould should be cleaned to prevent rusting and clogging.
  3. After the completion of the operation, the residue of the barrel should be cleaned, the work site should be cleaned, and the blow moulding machine should be closed as required. At least twice wipe and lubricate the mould in each shift to ensure that the inside and outside of the mould are clean and lubricated properly. After the operation, the residue of the barrel should be cleaned, the work site should be cleaned, and the blow moulding machine should be closed as required.

blow molding machine operations

Don’t Ignore Here!   Here Are Safety Tips!

If the newly purchase extrusion blow molding machine unit, should check machine assembly. After the machine installed according to instruction, the whole unit should be corrected. Including the following points:

  1. Alignment of extruder head and clamping device;
  2. Check the direction of water cooling pipe;
  3. Is the operator and control device easy to operate?
  4. Material adding, product placement and waste recycling process are smooth without affecting normal operation;
  5. Put auxiliary machine on correct situation.

Only after the inspection results of the equipment assembly meet the production and safety requirements, the equipment will be in the best assembly state.

Besides blow molding machine operations tips, we also need to prepare safety protection.

  1. During the molding operation, if more than two people operate, must be clear division of labor.
  2. When uploading equipment and mold,the power and gas source should be cut off. And hang the maintenance mark on the repair place.
  3. When produce super large containers, because of the large volume of the die cavity, in order to prevent the human body from entering the die cavity, the safety door should be installed and the door should not be closed.
  4. To prevent appear accidental personal injury, driving parts of all machines should install safety shield products. There should be safety door at the exit of out of molding. There should be safety and thermal insulation shield in the machine heating zone. The key part of machine should be installed emergency stop button.

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The above is operation procedures and related matters needing attention of blow molding machine sorted for you. These maybe help you in some ways. But when we operated machine, we also still need professional technology staff guide us. Yankang can provide Professional Train according to customers requirements, including the operation, maintenance and simple repairation of machine. The various of machines in the market currently have emerged in an endless stream. We should have a good understanding of blow molding machine operations and choose machine with enough after-sale when we choose and purchase machine.

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