9 Useful Tips of Blow Molding Machine Selection

blow molding machine selection

Here are 9 useful tips of blow molding machine selection that practical and understandable for you.

I think you maybe face many kinds of problems when you prepare to select a suitable blow molding machine. Don’t worry! This blog will list detailed tips blow molding machine selection to help you solve them.

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1.Size Marching:

The product specification range should be matched with machine model. Therefore, please refer to the maximum model size in the machine specification chart.

2.Programme Customized:

If you have exact requirement about the size, capacity, shape, weight, average output, etc of product that you produced, you can offer these information to the suppler and they can provide economic efficiency blow molding machine selection plan.This is a pretty good choice. You’d better have a certain relevant knowledge reserve before selecting machine. It’s convenient to make rational judgement according to your actual situation.

Yankang adopts personal customization mode to make product tailored to local conditions according to customer requirement and place condition.

3.Produce Capacity:

Estimate produce capacity require that you need per month. Making the cross check with suppler if it will meet the requirement. We suggest you leave the 25% extra capacity.

4.Other Parts Specifications:

The mould clamping force is also critical to your production. And then is the accumulator head type machine. The accumulator shot is important as well.

blow molding machine selection

5.Machine Automation:

Machine automation can realize by PLC control and wired relay logic.. PLC control with broad available option. This can range from customized microprocessor controllers to established control systems at the industrial level.

6.Auxiliary machinery:

Be attention! Auxiliary machinery is one of the main factor when we should consider in blow molding machine selection.You should select auxiliary machinery according to supplier’s advice. For example, the air compressor, grinder, cooling system and so on.


Checking the safety and technology performance and if there any abrasion or damage on the machine appearance in the machine-testing.

The tips listed above are concerned about selection method of machine basic configuration.

Next, we’ll give comprehensive consideration to machine according to two important aspects that customer often ignore.

Focus Attention, Start at Once…

8.High Cost Performance:

This is a key point of blow molding machine selection. We choose machine not to ignore product performance in order to save money. You’d better choose one with high cost performance. Many customers feel heartbeat at the sight of low price. The result shows that most of them suffer losses. Because the supplier channel is different, the supplier is good, of course, the cost will be high. But you’ll save trouble because the machine has less trouble, more power saving. You spend less energy on machine. In the long run, you’ll save money.

9.After-Sale Service:

You need know after-sale service clearly offered by supplier. This will guarantee your benefits,avoiding unnecessary losses and effect. .Yankang has experienced engineer team. A after-sales clerk can finish all operation of installation and debugging. We also provide doortodoor service if you need.Perfect after-sale service can reduce the losses as far as possible and get professional solution

That’s all.

In a word, we must avoid blind when we make blow molding machine selection.Must based on actual produce requirement. Measure and think about it prudent. Thus, reduce the cost and expand benefit.

There are also some suggestions about how to find a reliable blow molding machine manufacturer.

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