Blow molding Moulds Maintenance: 7 Major Points

blow molding moulds maintenance

Today, we’ll share the seven major points of blow molding moulds maintenance.

During the using of blow molding moulds, it’s unavoidable to emerge some faults.

Blow molding moulds maintenance needs professional trained engineers. Familiar with technical standard of blow molding moulds maintenance.

Let’s get straight to the point.

  1. The sliding part should be thoroughly cleaned upand inspect and maintenance carefully. Such as core-pulling mechanism and guiding device. Re-lubricate with high temperature grease and assemble.
  2. If there is a hydraulic core pilling, theblow molding moulds maintenance should be carried out simultaneously with hydraulic parts. Special attention should be paid to cleaning in hydraulic maintenance. Prevent pollution, otherwise it will pollute the whole hydraulic system of die casting machine.
  3. When the mouldsfails or is damaged in the production engineering, the blow molding moulds maintenance plan should be determined according to the specific situation.
  4. The moulds after maintenance, it’s necessary to make anti-rust treatment for formed surface, parting surface and installation surface. moulds accessories are put together with blow molding moulds.
  5. Clean up metal scraps and scales everywhere in blow molding mould.
  6. Refer to the final blow molding products produced by blow molding moulds which was need to be repaired. Check the problems of the blow molding moulds carefully. Are there any strain or sticking moulds? Is there a small core bending or breaking? Incorrect insertion and positioning of movable core or not. Whether there is a change in the length of the push rod or the broken push rod, whether there is an inaccurate positioning of the insert, whether there is loosening of the fastening bolt, etc.

Define maintenance or replacement according to damage condition.

  1. Cavity collapse, crack, block fall, etc. causing slight strain, can be repaired by partial welding.

Welding repair should be strictly operated according to welding repair process. Otherwise, the lifetime of blow molding moulds will be greatly shortened. The above failures occur in smaller moulded parts will be more serious and even cause moulds damage.

In order to save costs, many manufacturers haven’t their own specialized moulds department.

They’ll find other manufacturers to produce moulds. The moulds are easy to appear problems.

In this way, it’s difficult to ensure the quality of blow molding moulds.

Once there are problems with the mould, the blow molding moulds maintenance can only be done by manufacturers that they cooperated.

This will lead to greater losses.


And some manufacturers don’t know how to choose suitable moulds.

If the moulds are not selected properly, it will affect the future use.

Here is an article about the Three Principles Of Blow molding molds Selection.

Maybe help you.


Yankang has own professional technical team. And Yankang’s blow molding moulds are designed and produced by experienced and professional engineers independently.

The quality and accuracy of blow molding moulds are worth to be trusted.

In case of problems, our engineers are able to find out what the problem is quickly and accurately.

And provide professional blow molding moulds maintenance.

Reduce the labor cost, production cost and improve the production efficiency and quality of blow molding moulds.


Besides, here is a one more point.

The moulds play an important role in the blow molding machine and blow molding technology.

In addition to the performance of blow molding machine, the performance of blow molding moulds also affects the quality of blow molding products directly.

Therefore, the blow molding moulds maintenance,  we all have to consider it comprehensively and take highly professional maintenance method.

Remember not to overlook the most important conditions in order to save costs.


The share of the seven major points of blow molding moulds maintenance is ending here.

Do you get it?

Hope you can really use it in the future.

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