The Easy And Practical Standard of How to Control Blow Molding Products Quality

The Easy And Practical Standard of How to Control Blow Molding Products Quality

Can you use blow molding machine? If yes. So do you know blow molding products? And do you know how to check blow molding product quality?

Usually, most people are familiar with blow molding machines. But they don’t know how to check the quality of the product. This blog is about the easy and practical standard of how to control blow molding product quality.

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Firstly, the following tips are Appearance Quality Requirements

  1. The surface of the product is Smooth, No Burr, No Malplasticization, No Obvious Scratches And Stripes, No Watermarking. The mouth of the tank is smooth and clean.
  2. The tank mouth and all parts of the tank body are free from material shortage and any damage.
  3. The tank mouth of the product is flat and without deformation. There is no plugging in the tank mouth. The wall thickness should be visually measured evenly. The tank body is not obviously deformed, and the tank can not obviously shake when standing on the flat ground.
  4. There is no oil stain or other impurities inside and outside the products. The impurities around the black spots should be opaque. If the metal powders are aggregated into blocks, the control method is the same as the impurity black spot. There should be no impurities in the tank.
  5. The color of the product is uniform. No obvious color difference.Should take seal sample tank as standard. The sample tank is only used as the basis for quality judgment of appearance. Dimensions should be based on the actual prescribed data.
  6. The liquid level line is the colorless, translucent, clear boundary, with no impurities. The liquid level line should be straight, width uniformly.
  7. Cool the product to near environment temperature before packaging and loading.
  8. Use a knife to trim the hairy edge of the tank body. The tank mouth can have a small number of hairy edges. If there are any hairy edges, immediate measures should be taken. Be careful not to let waste fall into the tank when trimmed.

Here we supplement the testing method of blow molding products quality another for you.

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Pressure Testing:

Give a certain amount of pressure to the product that has been finished production.

High-Temperature Testing:

Give a high-temperature environment to the product.

Speed Impact Testing:

Impacting products at fast and slow speeds respectively.

Altitude Testing:

Add water into the product and throw it from high altitude.

These methods are also used by our customers when they use our machines to produce blow molding products. There is a Complete Video to watch.

After the above tests, if the product can restore its original shape without damage. And it can be used normally. Explain that the product is qualified.

Besides, It is also necessary to check the Weight of Blow Molding Products.

Products can not reach single weight, quality may not pass. Products may shrink, lack of glue, and so on. Single overweight may have fur edges. It should not be overweight for cost considerations. If a single-mold product weighs one gram, a thousand-mold product will weigh one kilogram. So the single inspection of products can also reflect the blow molding product quality from the side.

Customers come from all over the world. The requirements of each country are different. According to different customer needs and different national standards. Yankang Plastic Machinery can Customize Economical And Efficient Machine Production Plan for customers. To meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Whether we are users or producers of machines. It’s necessary to know how to control blow molding product quality. This requires you to have some knowledge of blow molding products quality inspection. It is not a bad thing to know as much as possible about relevant knowledge. It will certainly help you at some point.

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