Blow Molding Screw Barrel | Quick Removal & Installation Guidance

Blow molding screw barrel is an important part of the extrusion blow molding machine.

The normal cooperative work of screw and barrel, it guarantees the continuous molding production of extrusion blow moulding machine.

Blow molding machine screw & barrel removal and installation quickly can save the preparation time and further improve the production efficiency of the blow molding machine.

This quick removal & installation guide will help you accomplish it.


Blow Molding Screw Barrel Removal

1. Firstly, heating the connection of screw and the head of the storage cylinder above to normal process temperature.

The plastic material in the barrel is basically extruded clean.

Then remove the bolt of connection, heater, and connection wiring.

Remove the cooling water pipe of the feeding section, automatic feeding device, the motor, and connection wiring of the extruder.


2. Loosen the fastening bolt connecting the feeding section.

Remove the connection bolt of the coupling reducer and the frame of equipment.

Back the reducer. Because the reducer is heavy, so you can use a hydraulic jack to push the reducer back. And release it from the screw.

After the connection between the screw and the connecting sleeve is tighter, during ejection, we can install a special screw remove tool in the other side of the reducer connection screw head to eject the screw.

When reducer connection sleeves fully detached from the screw, the reducer can be lifted off the equipment frame.


3. Hang down the screw and barrel smoothly.

For large screws, the hoisting of the barrel can be smoothly lifted down by the method of combining the crane with the workshop operation.

Pay attention to the coordination of each other’s movements when hoisting.


4. Heating the barrel that has been lifted down.

Remove the relative connection parts and screws.

At present, most of the blow molding machine manufacturers mostly use parts replacement repair.

The spare screw and barrel can be ready for hoisting after the relevant connecting parts are installed.



Blow Molding Screw Barrel Installation


1. After the spare screw and barrel are installed together, the hoisting operation can be carried out.

In order to prevent the screw from sliding in the barrel, it can put some small pieces of wood in the middle. And then hoisting the barrel to the original position smoothly.

Fixed the barrel, and connect the storage head with the feeding section well.


2. Hoist the reducer back to the frame of equipment.

Align the reducer connection sleeve with the screw key groove end and connect it to the position.

You need to use a special screw to remove and install too to connect here.

Lubricating grease should be applied on the connecting sleeve and screw key groove end.

In this way, it’s convenient to remove in the future.

Install and tighten the fixed bolts of the frame and reducer.

Install the fastening bolts for the feeding section and reducer.

Install extrusion motor and coupling parallel connection.

Install heater and connection wiring.


3. Install the automatic feeding device, carefully check all kinds of connection wiring and connecting bolts. And then can machine testing after heating.


4. If the reducer needs to be replaced with grease, this opportunity can be used to change the oil. At the same time, the motor of the extruder should be inspected and maintained.


The “How” is that’s all.

Don’t leave in a hurry.

Here are also some Attention Tips in the process of operation.


Some screws barrels of large and medium blow molding machines are heavy if the hoisting weight of blow molding machine manufacturer is not up to the requirement. At this time, it is possible to use the combined operation of automobiles and vehicles to hoist the equipment components.


When hoisting, special attention should be paid to the stability of equipment components, and the hoisting speed should not be too fast; the hoisting objects need to be reliable and safe.


In order to ensure the smooth hoisting of equipment components, it is necessary to have a unified command and coordinate the speed of driving and crane.


Items used for hoistings, such as steel wire ropes and rings, can not slide with the parts being hoisted. The connection must be reliable and safe.


Operators and other field personnel should not stand under the lifted objects and cranes and prevent accidents.


Here is Blow Molding Screw Barrel of Yankang Plastic Machinery.

We adopt advanced technology and make it more energy-savings, more efficient.

The blow molding machine is also more stable.

blow molding screw barrel


The removal & Installation quick guidance of blow molding screw barrel is shared here.

Have you mastered the above?

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