Blow Molding Solar Tanks: The Future Development Direction of Solar Water Heater


The application and future development prospects of blow molding solar tanks are the focus of this post.

The solar water heater industry launched the first nano-molecular liner (commonly known as blow molding solar tanks) solar water heater, which has aroused widespread concern and discussion in the industry but has not yet formed a consensus.


So what are blow molding solar tanks?

To put it simply, a blow molding solar tank is a water heater liner with PP as the main material and processed by blow molding or rotomolding process. The original intention of its research and development was to solve the problem of inner tank corrosion and leakage in areas with poor water quality and to fill the gap in the application of solar water heaters.


After years of market verification, different opinions have emerged in the industry on the evaluation of blow molding solar tanks.

Some people think that the blow molding soler tanks can completely replace the stainless steel liner. Others believe that blow molding solar tanks still need to continue to optimize and improve.


So what are the characteristics of the blow molding soler tanks?

Through communication with Yankang Plastic Machinery, a manufacturer of blow molding solar tanks, solar water heater manufacturers, and users of solar water heaters, an objective analysis of blow molding solar tanks was made.


  1. Strong corrosion resistance.

This is the original intention of the research and development of blow molding solar tanks, and also the biggest role of blow molding solar tanks.

In recent years, the solar water heater market has developed rapidly. Especially after the implementation of the solar water heater appliances to the countryside policy, sales in the rural market have increased significantly. However, the rural water quality conditions are poor, so higher requirements are placed on the tank.


  1. The production process is simple, convenient, and easy to operate.

The blow molding solar tank is mainly formed by blow molding process at one time, without welding seam, and can be directly foamed after opening. Moreover, it can be purchased directly from the outside, reducing production costs and improving enterprise production efficiency.


  1. The air resistance is not high.

Blow molding solar tanks use PP as the main material, which can meet the daily use of solar water heaters. However, the temperature in the gallbladder far exceeds the withstand temperature of the PP material when exposed to air for a long time. It is easy to cause problems such as softening, deformation, and water leakage of the inner bladder.

Therefore, the use of air drying must be prohibited, which is also the biggest shortcoming in the actual use of blow molding solar tanks.


  1. After-sales maintenance is more convenient.

The problem of corrosion resistance and scaling of the blow molding solar tanks is relatively minor, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

However, the blow molding solar tank water heater cannot be moved at high-temperature. Because the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the water tank is large, it is easy to cause the thermal expansion and contraction of the blow molding solar inner tank to cause slight deformation of the vacuum tube jack, and it is difficult to insert the glass tube again. Therefore, the machine can only be moved after the temperature in the water tank has decreased.


It can be seen from the analysis that the blow molding solar tanks have their unique advantages over the stainless steel liner.

In the future development of solar water heaters, there is no doubt that blow molding solar tanks will have a place.


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