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What Factors Determine the Price of the Blow Molding Machine?

price of the blow molding machine

Today, Yankang analyzes FIVE factors that determine the price of the blow molding machine. Industry Market Situation Factor Determines the price of the blow molding machine Blow Molding Machine Market Competition In the market economy of blow molding machines, the market price of the blow molding machine is formed in the market competition. The competition between blow molding machine producers in the blow molding machine producers who produce the same blow molding machine, in order to make their own blow molding…

About the Blow Molding Machine (very detailed introduction)

blow molding machine introduction

Today, Yankan Plastic Machinery will share our knowledge about the blow molding machine. This guide is very detailed. 1. What is the Blow Molding Machine? After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the wind force from the machine is used to blow the plastic body into the mold cavity of a certain shape to make products. This machine is called the blow molding machine. The plastic is melted and extruded quantitatively in a screw extruder, which is then molded through…

Plastic Water Tank Making Machine Price| How Much Is It?

water tank making machine price

Plastic water tank making machine price is one of the first considerations when we buy it. Most plastic water tank making machine manufacturers also quote directly to customers based on existing information. In fact, plastic water tank making machine price is consist of many factors. Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will give a detailed analysis of How Much is Plastic Water Tank Making Machine. Hope to give you some reference when you buy it. From the point of supporting equipment, the…

Principle and Method of Mould Temperature Control

Principle and Method of Mould Temperature Control

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share with you the principle and method of mould temperature control. The mould temperature has a great influence on the forming quality and efficiency of the plastic parts. Why Mould Temperature Control Is Important? The mould temperature control is the most important variable during blow molding processing. In the mould with higher temperatures, the fluidity of melt adhesive is good, which is helpful for the glue material to stick to the mould cavity and obtain the appearance…

Hollow Blow Molding Products Common Problems and Solutions

hollow blow molding products

Hollow blow molding technology is one of the common techniques of plastic processing. Hollow blow molding products are widely used in all walks of life, containers, beverage bottles, toys… It can be said that hollow products have been integrated into our lives. This article will summarize the quality issues that are likely to arise with hollow blow molding products and briefly explain the solutions for discussion.   Large Fluctuations In Product Weight Reason: The parison suddenly changes; Uneven mixing of…

Parison Wall Thickness Control In Blow Molding: How Much Do You Know?

parison wall thickness control in blow molding

Parison wall thickness control in blow molding is an important step during the production process. To a certain extent, it affects the quality of blow-molded products. So, how much do you know about parison wall thickness control in blow molding? This blog will give a detailed introduction to this problem.   Why parison wall thickness control in blow molding is important? For blow molding products: Blow molding technology is to make the plasticized parison close to the inner wall of…

[ALL ROUND] Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

extrusion blow molding advantages

Extrusion blow molding advantages, how much do you know? Extrusion Blow Molding is one of the common moulding technology. It has many advantages. This blog not only tells you the advantages but also WHY. We prepare all round and detailed content for you. Keep Focusing On The Following.   What is extrusion blow molding? Extrusion blow molding is extruded to the thermoplastic resin to mold the pipe plastic parison. Place it on the opposite die while it’s hot. Enter compressed…

Blow Molding VS Rotomolding: What are the Advantages of Blow Molding?

Blow Molding VS Rotomolding: What are the advantages of blow molding?

Blow molding and rotomolding are two commonly used hollow plastic forming processes. Yankang Plastic Machinery has been focusing on blow molding for 20 years. Compared with rotomolding, where is it better to blow molding?   What is Blow Molding? Blow molding is out from the extruder, is still in a state of softening tube thermal plastic blank into the forming die, and then into the compressed air, use air pressure to make along with the cavity deformation, blow to make…

Induction Heater: Are You Still Using Traditional Resistance Heater?

induction heater

Are you still using a traditional resistance heater? Do you know the induction heater? Why not choose it? Maybe you really need to know more about the induction heater. The heater is an important part of the blow molding machine. The purpose of heating is to melt the plastic and form the material embryo. The plasticizing rate of plastics can be increased by proper temperature. In the pursuit of high efficiency and energy saving in today’s society, many blow molding…

What is Blow Molding?Do You Really Know?

what is blow molding

In the plastics industry, everyone will hear the term of blow molding. What is blow molding? Do you really know? Today, Yankang will take you to know more about it. What is blow molding? Blow molding is a method of forming hollow products by means of gas pressure to blow and swell hot melt embryos closed in the mould. The hollow blow molding is to extrude from the extruder and put the tubular thermoplastic blank which is still in the…