How to Maintain the Contactor of Blow Molding Machine?

Contactor Maintenance-Yankang Blow Molding Machine

Just like we said yesterday, the heating system of the accumulator dies head is divided into three parts. The first part is the temperature controller. The second part is the contactor and the third part is the heater. Contactor maintenance is very important.

Yesterday, Yankang shared with you how to maintain the temperature controller.

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share with you about the contactor maintenance.

The working condition of the heating system contactor and motor contactors has a little difference. Because of the characteristic of the temperature control, the heating systems contractor is always in on, and in off the frequent alternation work, the contactor and the coil are under the high load working condition, so they need to pay attention to the following maintenance.

1)Using the downtime to clean the connector, keeping it clean.

2)Often check the working of the contactor protection circuit is normal or not, replace and repair them in time when you discover the faults.

3)Regular check fasteners whether it is loosened, especially the pontes of the guideline and conductor, prevent the connector become loose and emit heat.

4)Regular check the position of movable contact and stationary contact whether aligning, the three-phase whether closed at the same time. Adjusting the contact spring if there have problems.

5)Regularly check the degree of wear for touch spot, the wearing depth can not exceed 1mm.

6)When touch spot has the serious burning loss and open welds fall off replacing them promptly. But the slight burning loss does not affect the use.

7)Cannot use sandpaper when clean up the touch spot, should use reshaping file.

8)Regular measure the interphase insulation resistance, the resistance value can not lower than 10MΩ.

9)Regular check the motion of the auxiliary contacts whether agility, contacts stroke should correspond to the special value. Check up the touch spot whether looseness and fall off, repair, and replace them promptly when discovery problems.

10)Regularly maintain the iron core. Pay attention to cleaning actuation contact surfaces between moving parts and iron core joint contact surface. Inspect the tight situation of the iron core, it will cause operation noise increased if the iron core loses: must repair promptly if it short circle or fracture.

11)Regularly maintain the solenoid coil. Measure the coil insulation resistance, check up the insulator whether change color or aging, the temperature of the coil surface should below 650. Inspect the attached point of the coil lead wire, if it has a burning loss or open welds, repairs promptly.

12)Maintain the arcing chamber. Check up it whether damaged, the position whether loosening and position variation, eliminate the metal granules sundry in the slit of the arcing chamber.

13)Replace the invalided contactor of the heating system promptly. When you replace them notice the type, power, coil, and voltage of the main parameters to meet the specification of the machine and ensure the wiring is correct and contactor fixed reliably.

The contactor maintenance of the blow molding machine is shared here. Regarding the maintenance of other parts, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share it for you in the following time.

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