Note on Cooling of Blow Molding Machine

cooling of blow molding machine

The cooling of blow molding machine is generally divided into extruder system cooling, hydraulic system cooling, and product cooling.

  1. Cooling of  blow molding machine — cooling of the extruder system

The function of screw cooling divided into Water cooling and Fan cooling .in order to eliminate friction overheating, stabilize the extrusion pressure of plastics, promote the uniform mixing of plastics, and improve the plasticizing quality. But its use must be appropriate, especially not too much, otherwise, the barrel of plastic melt suddenly cooling, will lead to serious accidents.

At the same time, fan cooling is also important, can vanish the temperature from the friction, make sure the plasticizing process keeps almost a little gap degree. The machine will run stable in this environment.

  1. Cooling of blow molding machine — cooling of hydraulic system

The cooling of the hydraulic system includes the cylinder and recrystallizes. The appropriate degree of the oil will make the blow molding machine in a better state, keep the hydraulic system more stable, faster, smoother.

Meanwhile, the cooling of the hydraulic system can reduce the friction of the oil seal, or lead to deformation due to high temperature. The too much cold cooling makes the sweat of oil tank, oil valve and cylinder, lead to the rust of parts when the machine stops the product, please take off the chiller. The suitable temperature is about 16~20 degrees for a water chiller.

  1. Cooling of blow molding machine — product cooling

Product cooling is an important measure to ensure product geometry and internal structure.

Plastic extrusion cladding should be cooled immediately after leaving the nose, otherwise, it will deform under the action of gravity.

For polyvinyl chloride and other non-crystalline materials can not consider the crystallization of the problem, plastic products can be used in the quenching method, direct cooling with water. Make it cool in the cooling tank, no deformation.

Crystallization should be considered in the cooling of polyethylene, polypropylene, and other crystalline polymers. If the quenching method is adopted, the microstructure of plastic products will be adversely affected and internal stress will be generated. This is one of the reasons that will lead to cracking in the future.

The extrusion cladding of polyethylene, polypropylene, and other crystalline plastics should be carried out by means of gradual cooling with warm water. It generally depends on equipment auxiliary facilities. The cooling water tank should be segmented section, the water temperature can be introduced into the first section of the tank by plastic extrusion cladding temperature of 75 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, is presented.the lower water temperature, until the room temperature, paragraphs temperature the smaller the temperature difference is reasonable.

The mold cooling is most important. If the martial of mold applies to the aluminum, the cooling is very good. But the price is high.but for the steel mold, we can apply to the sectional cooling, make the production cooling faster, only this, the production is more strong and beautiful .it is difficult to deformation.

Above is the cooling of blow molding machine introduced by Yankang.

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