[ALL ROUND] Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

extrusion blow molding advantages

Extrusion blow molding advantages, how much do you know?

Extrusion Blow Molding is one of the common moulding technology.

It has many advantages.

This blog not only tells you the advantages but also WHY.

We prepare all round and detailed content for you.

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What is extrusion blow molding?

Extrusion blow molding is extruded to the thermoplastic resin to mold the pipe plastic parison.

Place it on the opposite die while it’s hot.

Enter compressed air after closing the mould.

blowing the plastic billet tightly on the inner wall of the mould and cooling the demoulding.

Blow up the plastic billet and stick it to the inner wall of the mold.

After cooling and demoulding, various hollow blow molding products can be obtained.


What are the extrusion blow molding advantages?


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Machine Structure for Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

The screw barrel center shaft and cylinder of extrusion blow molding machine are made of chromium, molybdenum, and aluminum alloy by nitrogen treatment.

It has the advantages of high thickness, corrosion, and wear resistance.


Chromium plating on die head.

Screw barrel mandrel structure makes unloading more even and smooth.

Better completion of the blow molding process. Less land occupation


Compared with other equipment types of blow moulding or molding, the structure of the extrusion blow molding machine is more simple, the operation is more convenient.


Now, most blow molding machine manufacturers pursue simplicity and intelligence when designing and manufacturing machines.


Yankang Plastic Machinery specialized in water tank extrusion blow molding machine.

In addition to the advanced core technology, we adopt a control system of famous brand SIEMENS.

The operation process is more intelligent and accurate.

extrusion blow molding advantages


Production Process for Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

Extrusion blow molding machine is continuous extrusion, one-time molding, fast molding speed, high production efficiency.

So the output of a single machine is higher.

From the development trend, the production efficiency of extrusion products will be improved faster than other molding methods.


Extrusion blow molding can complete the comprehensive processing of different processes.

In addition to direct molding products, extrusion can also be used to mix, plasticize, granulate, coloring, blank molding, and other processes.


The extrusion blow molding technology has achieved automatic production.

The production process automation does not need to consume a lot of manpower.

There is less waste polymer.

Besides, automation can increase production and ensure higher accuracy.



Energy-Savings for Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

There are two aspects of extrusion blow molding machine energy savings.

Including the power part and heating part.


Energy savings for power part:

Adopt inverter. The energy savings way is to save the residual energy of the motor, and the frequency converter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve energy; savings effect.


Energy savings for heating part:

The energy savings of the heating part is mostly energy savings by introduction heaters, and the energy savings rate is about 30% – 70% of the old resistance coil.


Compared with resistance heating,

the introduction heater has a layer of the insulation layer, which increases the utilization rate of heat energy and reduces the loss of heat transfer.

The heating speed of the introduction heater is more than a quarter faster, which reduces the heating time.

The heating speed of introduction heater is fast, the production efficiency is improved, and the motor is saturated, which reduces the power loss caused by high power and low demand.


The two energy savings methods mentioned above are adopted in Yankang extrusion blow molding machine.

Servo motor for clamping system which can save 40% energy.

Introduction heaters for die head and extruders can save 40%-50% energy.

energy savings for extrusion blow molding advantages


In a sense, energy savings is equivalent to cost savings.


Wide range of applications

It can be used in many ways.

The extrusion blow molding machine can process most thermoplastic plastics.

An extrusion blow molding machine can process a variety of materials and blow molding products as long as the screw barrel, die head, or moulds are replaced.


Machines used for extrusion blow molding can produce a variety of products used in food and beverage, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The ability to produce products for different applications makes the process very beneficial to others.


We can produce 200L-20000L, 1-6 layers water tank blow molding machine, up to 10 layers.

Machine production range: various capacity water tank, plastic pallet, IBC tank, double ring drum, road barrier, kayak, canoe, solar inner, septic tank, etc.

yankang plastic extrusion blow molding machine application


We can also provide blow molding moulds.

The machine and moulds are designed and produced by ourselves independently.

So, there is no need to worry about errors in the moulds or mismatch with the machine.

Good cooperation between machines and moulds can further improve production efficiency.



Cost-Benefit for Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

Low equipment cost

Easy to install and debug, and the maintenance is low.


Because this blow molding type requires a lower pressure level, the mechanical cost is lower than that of other types of molding machines.

Lower labor costs. Whatever the type of blow molding products, this is still an economical and effective solution.


The extrusion production line covers a small area and has a low requirement for factory buildings and supporting facilities.


And sum up what we mentioned above, energy savings, high production efficiency, a wide range of applications, etc, we think the extrusion blow molding machine is an efficient and economic choice.


Environmental Protection for Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages

Nowadays more and more people are concerned about whether plastic products produced are environmentally friendly.

However, by extrusion blow molding, the excess waste on the product can be reused to make other products, so that raw materials will not be wasted.


Finally, the quality of the products produced by the extrusion blow molding machine is completely reliable.

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The extrusion blow molding advantages is ending here.

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