Inverter Maintenance of the Blow Molding Machine(very effective)

Inverter Maintenance of the Blow Molding Machine

Today Yankang will show you the inverter maintenance of blow molding machine.

And it turns out that this method is very effective.

1.Environmental Conditions

1)Temperature. Permissible ambient temperature is -10-40.

Attention: the lifetime of the inverter will be lengthened in lower environmental temperatures (ideal temperature is 20-30).

2)Humidity. Permissible ambient humidity should below 90%(No water condensation phenomenon).

Attention: if the ambient temperature drops suddenly will appear water condensation phenomenon easily. At the moment if only carries on drying for parts of the circuit board and connector, the insulation resistance may decrease and then cause the wrong action.

3)Although the circuit board had already carried on dust-proof and the moisture-proof wet treatment, the connectors or some contact segment cannot process, if the oil mist, the caustic gas and so on are led in by the fan will influence the circuit board(mainly the base pin of the copper bar and other components will be corroded).

To avoid the oil mist, the conductivity dust and the caustic gas exist in the air.

4)Install the inverter in the place where without vibration.

2.Care and Maintenance

1) Inspect the inverter every two weeks once time, the content as below:

  • Inspect and record the three-phase output voltage while the inverter working and compares the balance between them.
  • Inspect and record the three-phase output current while the inverter working, and compares the balance between them one by one.
  • Inspect and record the temperature of the environment and the radiator.
  • Ensure there has no abnormal vibrate and sound, check up the fan whether running normally.

2) Clean and maintain the inverter a quarter of year once time, do the work as below:

  • Eliminates the dust stratification, the dunghill which in the inverter and wind path, and also cleans up the surface of the inverter.
  • Maintain the surface of the inverter clean and shiny.
  • Check up the inner of inverter whether it has discolored, the electric resistance without cracking, the electrolytic capacitors have no inflated leak, the explosion-proof hole protrude ensures the PLB board is normal too.
  • To restore the parameters of the inverter and the connectors after finish the maintenance. The power transmission let it working about 1min in the 3HZ LF band to ensure the inverter working normally.

3)The regular inspection for inverter every 3-6months once time, to guarantee the high-performance and the long-term operation for the inverter. Confirm the voltage of the main loop P.N working under D.C 30v after separation power source 10min later. The periodic inspection includes reference to the following:

  • The main loop terminal whether contact good, the attachment joint of the copper bar, or cable whether having the overheated trace.
  • Power cable, control lead whether it is damaged, particularly the exterior insulating layer whether fracture or cut.
  • The joints between the power cable and the cold joint whether it is loosened, whether an attachment point insulation package of the bandage does aging or falls off.

4)Adopt the anti-static measure to comprehensively clean the PCB and the air channel.

5)Test the insulation for the inverter.

a. Dismantle all the connecting wiring between the inverter and power, and the wiring connected the inverter and motor, then short circuit the input and output of the main loop by using the wiring. And last test lines for ground.

b.By using the regular 500V tramegger to test.

c.Strictly prohibited from testing insulation for ground when only connect the single main otherwise it’s will damage the inverter.

d.Be sure not to test the insulation for the control terminal, otherwise, it’s will damage the inverter.

e.Be sure to remember that you must dismantle all the short circuit wires of the main loop terminal after finished the testing.

Attention: Must switch off the entire guideline which connected the motor and inverter completely, and then testing the motor alone, that’s can protect the inverter.

Testing the on-off of control circuits should by using multi-meter(high block), do not use the mega meter or the buzzer.

3.The overhaul of the inverter

Most of the electricity technical personnel are the comparatively general technicists in the blow molding machine manufacturer. Therefore the overhaul work should be carried on by the specialized technicists to reduce the mistakes as far as possible.

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The above is the inverter maintenance of blow molding machine shared by the Yankang Plastic Machinery.

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