How to choose the material of the hollow blow molding machine mold?

There are several options for the material of the blow molding machine mold: iron and steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, beryllium copper alloy, and high-grade zinc alloy. The following is a detailed introduction to the hollow blow molding machine molds of these four materials, which are suitable for each situation.

1. Iron + steel blow molding machine mold

Steel material not only supports the frame and structure of the hollow blow molding machine but also can be used as the mold of the blow molding machine. The service life of the mold of the hollow blow molding machine for steel is more than 10 million times, but for the mold with inserts, it should be regularly repaired and maintained so that the parison can fall off more quickly.

How to choose the material of the hollow blow molding machine mold

2. Aluminum + aluminum alloy

The characteristics of the hollow blow molding machine mold of aluminum material + aluminum alloy are low specific gravity, high thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and strong chemical resistance.
As we all know, aluminum molds, exposed to the air for a long time, will form a protective film of aluminum oxide to resist oxidation. And more high-temperature resistance, and high machinability. Therefore, aluminum + aluminum alloy materials are often used in hollow blow molding machines.

3. Blow molding machine mold of beryllium copper alloy

The beryllium copper alloy blow molding machine mold is more suitable for the blow molding machine process with high requirements for conductivity and corrosion resistance. Due to its high conductivity and strong corrosion-resistance, its cost is high. The cost of beryllium copper alloy is about three times that of aluminum alloy.

hollow blow molding machine mold

4. High-grade zinc alloy

Good electrical conductivity, combined with alloys made of aluminum and copper, makes it easier to design precise dimensions and styles of blow-molded products, but it is easily corroded. Compared with the steel mold of the same thickness, the service life of the zinc alloy is 1/10 of the former, so it is more troublesome for the follow-up maintenance.

The above are four common hollow blow molding machine mold selections. If you are considering custom blow molding machine molds, or even want to purchase a complete set of blow molding machines, please contact Yankang.

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