Plastic Water Tanks Cleaning [The Nanny-Level Guide]

plastic water tanks cleaning

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share plastic water tanks cleaning by the nanny-level guide.


Plastic water tanks cleaning? Looking at the title, you may want to ask the same questions as below.


Is it necessary to do plastic water tanks cleaning?

The answer is YES.

Plastic water tanks need regular cleaning.

But many people do not know how to keep the plastic water tanks clean.

As time goes on, there are sludge and sediment may appear in the tanks.

And pollute the liquid in the tanks.

Therefore, plastic water tanks cleaning is important.


How often to clean the plastic water tanks?

Generally, water tanks should be cleaned every six months.

Cleaning must be thorough.


In the process of using plastic water tanks, dirty will appear unavoidably over long-time using.

At this time, the cleaning is particularly important.

After the appearance of dirt, we all want to get a better cleaning effect.

We should adopt correct cleaning method.

We suggest use special cleaning agent for plastic water tanks.

Not only improve the cleaning efficiency of plastic water tanks, but also the plastic water tanks cleaning will be very thorough.

plastic water tanks cleaning

Cleaning of inner plastic water tanks, we usually use disinfectant.

But some plastic tanks with not of particularly good quality can’t withstand strong corrosion.

Pay attention to water temperature at the same time.

Sometimes in order to accelerate the dissolution of cleaning agent, we maybe accept high temperature method. This is undesirable. We’d better not use water with too high temperature. Normal temperature is enough.

Many people use sharp cleaning tools to save time. But it’s easy to scrape the water tanks.


Although the quality of plastic water tank has been recognized by people.

The quality of water tank produced by different blow molding machines is also different.

Yankang Plastic Machinery adopt advanced Foaming Technology, improve greatly the quality and lifetime of plastic water tanks.

In addition, use excellent America MOOG Wall Thickness Controller to ensure the wall thickness more thickness.

The blow molding products also past the a series of test.

Here is a Complete Blow Molding Products Testing Video.

So, be sure to choose appropriate plastic water tanks cleaning supplies.

After all the cost of some plastic water tanks is high. Once damage occurs, it cannot be used. The loss is also very large.

The lifetime of plastic water tanks is more than ten years.

But it is also inseparable from reasonable maintenance and cleaning in the later stage.

In this way, its lifetime can be guaranteed and extended.


Next, will introduce plastic water tanks cleaning step-by-step.


Firstly, close the inlet valve.

Drain out the original water in the tank.

According to the type of tanks you used, maybe you need use submersible pump or connect the valve of the tank to the hose.


And then, put water in the tank

At this time, can clean the water tank inwall with cleaning tools.

After cleaning, drain out the dirty water. And rinse it with clean water.

And use clean rag to clean tank around and bottom.

In order to avoid spilling cleaning agent on us, we can wear glove and water-proof clothing.


Here, the cleaning process is almost at the end.

We need to rinse the inside of the tank.

Avoid contaminating the liquids we will use later by residual substance.

Open the inlet valve and put in a proper amount of clean water to wash the wall and bottom of the tanks.

So that the dirt can be discharged from the sewage outlet clean, if necessary, repeatedly, until clean.


Lastly, close the drain valve.

Open the inlet valve.

Re-fill the tank with water.

The cleaning part is ending.


Here’s another Warm Tip

In the final drainage process, it’s very important to keep the tanks dry as possible.

You can use dry cloth, sponge and hand-held vacuum cleaner to absorb water as much as possible.


If you also want to clean the surface of tanks.

First mix the cleaning agent and water in a certain proportion.

Then soak the whole tank in it.

It’s best to soak for more than two hours.

And use clean water to rinse tank.

In this way, the dirt on the surface of the tank can be washed away.


The guide of plastic water tanks cleaning is ending here.

Hope you can get something from it.


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