10000L Super-Large Water Tank Blow Molding Machine

The 10000L super-large water tank blow molding machine can be used to produce water tank from 3000L to 10000L in 1-6 layers.

Water Tank Daily Output : 36-72PC
Delivery Date: 5-6 Month

3000L Tank5-6PC/H50-60KG
5000L Tank3-4PC/H70-85KG
10000L Tank1.5PC/H160-180KG

Latest Technology

As a professional blow molding machine manufacturer, Yankang has always been committed to the development and production of large hollow blow molding equipment. The company has an experienced and strong technical team, core technology 100% independent research and development innovation. According to customer needs and site conditions, a customized model can be used to create products tailored to local conditions. After years of practice and experience summarization, Yankang has continuously researched new products and developed new technologies, and has successfully made YK series blow molding machines a leading brand in the blow molding industry.

①Pressurized Cylinders

Optimize the structure of the machine, increase productivity while providing a more powerful clamping force.

②Servo-hydraulic System

Safer and efficient. Save energy more than 40% and reduce the noise.

③Electromagnetic Induction and Infrared Heating System

Safe and reliable. Reduce heating time and improve efficiency. Control the temperature accurately. Save energy 30%-50%.

④ One Mold with Two Cavities Design

First, realize the one mold with two cavities design in large mold production. Improve productivity greatly.

⑤ Automatic Mold Change Equipment

The automatic mold change equipment is our latest developed technology. Yankang applies it to the super large blow molding machine above 10000L. Easier and safer while enables more efficient mold changes.

⑥Automated Safety Door Design

The safety door closes automatically when the mold is closed to ensure the safe operation of the machine. Automatic detection, when the worker approaches, close the mold automatically to ensure the safety of personnel.

More advantages about our blow molding machine:https://www.yankangmachine.com/technology-advantages/

The 10000L super-large multi-layer blow molding machine can be used to produce water tank from 3000L to 10000L in 1-6 layers.

10000L water tank application

Leading international technology

Such as:

More than 10000L super-large water tank blow molding machine adopts the newly developed automatic mold changing equipment, which makes it easier, safer and more efficient to change the mold.

For more advanced configurations, please refer to the following figure.

yankang blow molding machine configuration

Multi-layers Die Head Technology:
Adopt new integrated multi-layer die design, from one layer to six layers, to ensure a more uniform and stable wall thickness.The productivity of blow molding machine improve 5 times than traditional blow molding machine and the utilization rate of recycle material improve 4 times

yankang blow molding machine die head technology

Output For Each Capacity

10000L super-large water tank blow molding machine can use 3000L blow molds,5000L and 10000L blow molds .

Can be used for production:3000L tank 5-6 PC/H,5000L tank 3-4 PC/H and 10000L tank 1.5 PC/H.

For more production details:

10000l water tank blow molding machine output

Technical data for YK 10000L series

In the table below, the data of the blow molding machine of YK 10000L-2 layers,YK 10000L-3 layers and YK 10000L-4 layers are listed.

For more models of 10000L blow molding machines, please contact us.

10000l water tank blow molding machine technical data

The buyer could dispatch their operators to the seller’s factory for training, including machine operation, maintenance & simple repairs;
Or against the requests of the buyer, the seller’s technician could train the buyer’s operators in the buyer’s factory in the periods of installing & adjusting;

The seller could dispatch an engineer against the requests of the buyer to install and adjust the machines for one week(free of charge) in the buyer’s factory. After one week, if the buyer still needs the training,$100 should be paid for the engineer.
The buyer should make a reservation in advance before the delivery of the machines;
The buyer should pay for the engineer’s food & board while installation in the buyer’s factory. And the buyer should also pay for the air ticket for the engineer.

The guarantee time is one year after the machines normally work in the buyer’s factory if only the problem is caused due to quality control or any reason by the seller. We will supply replaced parts free of charge and our engineers will guide you on how to solve the problems.