• Water Tank Blow Molding Machines
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200L-20000L super-large water tank blow molding machine

20000L Super-Large Water Tank Blow Molding Machine

The 20000L super-large multi-layer blow molding machine is the largest and most advanced blow molding machine in the world and can be used to produce water tank from 1000L to 20000L in 1-6 layers.

IBC tank blow molding machine

IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine

IBC tank blow molding machine used to produce range from 200L to 2000L IBC tank. In order to ensure the kind of blow molding machines are better adapted to the market, with modular design make the blow molding machine to easy install,adopt the servo pump and induction heaters ,more energy efficient .

road barrier blow molding machine

Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

Road barrier blow molding machine used to produce different size road barrier,because the standard of every country is different ,so the YanKang company can use private customized methods according to customers’ different design requirements.