26[powerful] Advantages: Company Strength and Product Technology

26[powerful] Advantages: Company Strength and Product Technology

As the biggest water tank blow molding machine manufacturers in China, Yankang Plastic Machinery has a lot of advantages to company strength and product technology.

And then?

Today, Yankang will share with you about 12 corporate competitive advantages and 13 company product advantages.

12 Corporate Competitive Advantages

  1. The scale of the company is second to none in the entire blow molding machine industry in China. Whether it is a plant construction or a technical team or a product category, it is the leading domestic product.
  2. The largest integrated blow molding machine R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service integrated professional enterprise in the country, in the blow molding machine industry in a leading position.
  3. The company has extensive experience and a strong technical team, which lays a good foundation for the company’s new technology research and development and application.
  4. The company invests a large number of funds each year to develop new products and new technologies. It is the pioneer and leader of large blow molding machines.
  5. The company’s products are exported to foreign countries, covering 45 countries and regions in the world, accounting for 50% of the world’s large blow molding machine market share. Our products have successfully entered the high-end markets in Europe and America, and are favored by European and American customers.
  6. The company has a professional after-sales service team, they have excellent professional skills and good English communication skills, to ensure the good intentions of each customer.
  7. The company has a professional technical sales team to help customers solve and answer customer inquiries all the time, allowing customers to feel at home.
  8. Core technology 100% independent research and development innovation, excellent quality assurance, and perfect after-sales service won the praise of customers at home and abroad, the repurchase rate is extremely high.
  9. The company has its own professional R&D base, and its professional and technical talents far exceed the domestic average in terms of quantity and quality, and individual and team capabilities are outstanding. With 28 national patents, it has unparalleled advantages in technology development and product replacement.
  10. The company has passed the ISO9001 international standard quality management system certification, SGS international third-party certification, CE certification.
  11. The company independently researched and developed a 25000L 4-layer blow molding machine, which is the world’s largest hollow blow molding machine, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies caused by the lack of bottleneck technology of high-end, large-scale and multi-layer blow molding machines, and filling the domestic gap.
  12. The company has been honored as Qingdao High-Tech Enterprise, Qingdao AAA Enterprise, Qingdao Blow Molding Machine Expert Station, and Guangdong Ocean University’s Production, Research, and Practice Base.

14 Company Product Advantages

  1.  The blow molding machine adopts modular design, simple structure, and convenient delivery. Installation, commissioning, and one after-sales service staff can complete all the work, convenient operation, more intelligent, and safe application experience.
  2.  According to customer needs and site conditions, the use of private custom models for customers to create products adapted to local conditions.
  3.  The use of more advanced sensors makes our blow molding machines more integrated, smarter, and more automated. All parts of the blow molding machine can be monitored on the operation screen, which is safe and efficient.
  4.   The complete set of the original SIEMENS control system guarantees high quality, safe and stable operation with international after-sales service;
  5.  The use of the United States Moog wall thickness control system to ensure a more uniform and accurate wall thickness;
  6.  Adopt a new integrated multi-layer die design, from one layer to six layers, to ensure a more uniform and stable wall thickness. At the same time, support pallets, roadblocks, and other products in line with the blow molding process; blow molding machine production efficiency than traditional blow molding The machine is increased 5 times, and the utilization rate of recycled materials is increased by 4 times;
  7.  Use more efficient and energy-saving IKV screw, so that the plasticizing ability of the blow molding machine is 1.5 times faster than similar products;
  8.  The entire system uses pressurized cylinders to provide a more powerful clamping force while optimizing the machine structure.
  9.  The use of the servo-hydraulic system, compared to the traditional hydraulic system, safe and efficient, saving more than 40%, and noise.
  10.  Innovative die design, using advanced electromagnetic induction heating system, safe and reliable, reduce heating time, accurate temperature control, high efficiency and energy saving, improve efficiency, can save energy 30% -50%; More than 10000L ultra-large blow molding machine adopts the latest research and development of automatic die change equipment, easier, safe and efficient replacement of the mold;
  11.   Use HDPE or HMWHDPE to ensure that the product is stronger and lasts longer.
  12.   Has 28 patents, has passed ISO9000, CE, SGS, and many excellent certifications.
  13.   Yankang Ultra-large blow molding machines above 5000L have successfully occupied major markets. Good operation and production provide customers with a new market and escort. In line with its excellent after-sales service, it is well received by customers and repurchased.
  14.  The product range is complete, including not only traditional bucket blow molding machines, but also blow molding equipment such as IBC barrels, double ring barrels, roadblocks, trays, trash cans, kayaking, solar liners, etc., but the company has never stopped R&D. And the pace of innovation. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to put forward our company’s excellent suggestions and new projects for the development of cooperation in order to optimize our design and enrich our product range.


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