How to Maintain the Temperature Controller?

Temperature Controller Maintenance

The heating system of the accumulator dies head is divided into three parts. The first part is the temperature controller. The second part is the contactor and the third part is the heater. Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery first shares with you about the temperature controller maintenance.

In recent years, the heating system of super size blow molding machine has some changes by adopting a PLC temperature module instead of the temperature controller and adopting solid state relay instead of the contactor. But there are not many changes for the heating equipment. These technology updates and improvements provide convenience for the integration of electronic control systems and reduced connector of the electronic control systems and components. With the advanced technology of electrical control, an integrated temperature electrical control system will be used completely to replace the current temperature control system.

The majority of the temperature controller used by the accumulator die are not needing output the cooling circuit, so pay attention to the following maintenance work.

Special notice: Using the downtime to clean the instrument and keeping it clean.

1)Ensure the wiring of the temperature controller is fastness, to prevent effects the normal work due to the wiring and connection points.

2)Check up the wiring of the temperature sensor is fastness nor not.

3)Under the hot weather conditions, pay attention to ensure the environment temperature of the temperature controller in normal operating temperature scope. Take effective cooling measures when the environment temperature is too high.

4)Under moist climatic conditions, If the equipment at the stopped state, supplying power regularly to the temperature instrument to prevent the instrument was effected by damp and break down. After a long downtime, check up it carefully and supplying power for 4-6h, after that start to running.

5)Replace the disabled temperature controller and temperature sensor promptly. Inspect the type of temperature controller and voltage whether corresponding to the temperature control range and ensure the wiring correct.

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The maintenance of the temperature controller for the blow molding machine is shared here. Regarding the maintenance of other parts, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share it for you in the following time.

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