The Maintenance of the Plastic Blow Molding Machine

The maintenance of the plastic blow molding machine is to better exert the performance of the equipment and produce better plastic blow-molded products.

Today, Yankang will share with you what are the maintenance and inspection items of plastic blow molding machines.

The maintenance of the plastic blow molding machine is divided into regular maintenance and daily maintenance.

Regular maintenance is the maintenance work for the entire plastic blow molding machine equipment after a certain period of time.

Routine maintenance is maintenance work that starts or stops every day or every few days.

This article is about periodic maintenance and inspection items of plastic blow molding machines.


The specific inspection items are as follows:

  1. The quality of the hydraulic oil used in the blow molding machine should be replaced in time.
  2. Whether the lubricating oil supply system is good and stable.
  3. Check and correct the temperature difference of temperature equipment such as temperature measuring instruments, and clean the stains on the contact points.
  4. Check the stability of all the wiring in the control box, check whether the rubber insulation of the wiring is aging, and keep the electric box dry.
  5. Whether the transmission deceleration system of the blow molding machine can run stably.
  6. Abrasion of screw and barrel of the blow molding machine.
  7. The abrasion of different drive motors, hydraulic pumps, bearings, pump bodies, hydraulic pumps, and motors should be disassembled and inspected.
  8. Check whether all electrical appliances, machinery, auxiliary machines, and hydraulic devices of the blow molding machine are in a normal and sensitive state.
  9. Check whether the mold is worn and whether there are impurities inside, and perform the necessary polishing and cleaning on the mold.
  10. Check whether there is the residual raw material in the extruder head.


In addition to regular maintenance, cleaning of blow molding machine equipment is also crucial.

The basic maintenance and inspection items for plastic blow molding machines that are frequently used are the above.

For more knowledge about the operation and maintenance of plastic blow molding machines, please refer to “Description of Operation and Maintenance of Blow Molding Machine“.

These maintenance operations are for most blow molding machine equipment and are universal. How to implement it depends on the use of the plastic blow molding machine equipment used.

For more relevant knowledge about blow molding machine equipment, welcome to continue to pay attention to the official website of the Yankang blow molding machine to learn more about blow molding machine equipment problems.

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