Application of Titanium Dioxide(TiO2)in Blow Molding

titanium dioxide(TiO2)

Today Yankang would like to share with you about the application of titanium dioxide(TiO2) in the field of blow molding.

So let’s first look at what titanium dioxide is.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an important inorganic chemical product. It has important applications in industries such as paints, inks, paper, plastics, chemicals, and ceramics.

The main component of titanium dioxide is a white pigment of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is known as titanium dioxide.

What are the applications of titanium dioxide(TiO2) in plastics?

The plastics industry is the second largest user of titanium dioxide(TiO2) and the fastest growing sector in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of 6%. Of the more than 500 titanium dioxide brands in the world, more than 50 belong to the special plastic brand.

In addition to its high hiding power, high achromatic power, and pigment properties, the application of titanium dioxide(TiO2) in plastic products can also improve the heat resistance, light resistance, and weather resistance of plastic products, and protect plastic products from ultraviolet rays. Improve the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products.

Because plastic products than paint and ink coating film are much thicker, so it does not need too much pigment volume concentration. Add it to cover force tall, chromatic force is strong, the general dosage has 3% ~ 5% only. It is used in almost all thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics, such as polyolefin (mainly low-density polyethylene), polypropylene, ABS, PVC, etc.

It can be mixed with either a dry resin powder or a liquid containing a plasticizer. Some titanium dioxide(TiO2) is processed into a color masterbatch before use.

The particle sizes of titanium dioxide used in most plastics are very fine. The particle sizes of titanium dioxide(TiO2) used in coatings are 0.2-0.4 microns, while those of titanium dioxide used in plastics are 0.15-0.3 microns. Can obtain a blue color base phase so, have a shading effect on the resin that takes the yellow phase mostly or the resin that turns yellow easily.

General type of plastic with titanium dioxide generally do not go through surface treatment, because the use of conventional hydrated alumina such as inorganic coated titanium dioxide, in the relative humidity of 60%, its adsorption equilibrium water in 1% or so.

When plastic extrusion processing at high temperature, water evaporation will lead to smooth plastic surface pores, this kind of titanium dioxide without inorganic coating, generally through organic surface treatment (polyols, silane, or siloxane).

Because plastic titanium dioxide and coating titanium dioxide is different, the former is in the low polarity of the resin, through the shear force processing mixing, organic surface treatment of titanium dioxide, in the appropriate mechanical shear force, can be better dispersed.

And we introduce two kinds of titanium dioxide(TiO2) identification methods.

The first is the physical method:

1. The simplest way is to compare the feeling, fake titanium dioxide is slippery, real titanium dioxide is more astringent.

2.Water, hand-stained with titanium dioxide, false easy to wash off, really not easy to wash off.

3. Take a cup of water, throw titanium dioxide in, float up is true, precipitation down is false (if it is activated modified products will not work).

Secondly, chemical methods:

1. Mixed with light calcium or heavy calcium: add dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, bubbles can make clear lime water turbid because calcium carbonate will react with the acid to produce carbon dioxide.

2. Mixed with lide powder: add dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, the smell of rotten eggs.

3. It is made of glue paint, plus iron red, dark color, indicating that poor hiding power is false or poor quality titanium dioxide.

Finally, for everyone to summarize:

Titanium dioxide is not only used as a colorant but also has the function of strengthening, aging prevention and filling in the blow molding industry.

Titanium dioxide is added into white and colored plastic products, which is resistant to sunlight, cracking and discoloration, high stretch rate, and acid and alkali resistance.

The above is an introduction to the application of titanium dioxide in the field of blow molding.

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