Why Choose Blow Molded Pallets?

why choose blow molded pallets

Blow molded pallets and inject molded pallets are two common methods for plastic pallets production.

Now, plastic pallets have been widely used in many industries and provided great convenient.

Which one is better?

As can be seen from the title of the article, what we recommend is blow molded pallets.

Why choose blow molded pallets?

The following content will give you Strong Reason.


Let’s first understand the molding process of it.


In generally, its molding process adopt large blow molding machine.

During production, the plastics are extruded into tubular plastic billets. Place it in the opposite mould while it is hot.

After closing the mould, compressed air is blow into the plastic billet immediately, so that the plastic billet is blown and attached to the inner wall of the mould.

After cooling, the blow molded pallets of various specifications are obtained.


And then, here important content comes.


So, what aspects can reflect the advantages of it?

blow molded pallets


We’ll analysis it from Pallets Production Process, Pallets Quality, Pallets Performance, Energy Consumption, Cost Savings and other aspects.


Let’s go on.


1. Pallets Production Process

Fast Molding Speed:

Blow molded pallets usually adopt HDPE as material.Once extrusion molding.

The molding process is fast and sufficient.The product is molding fully.

The inner quality and performance is stable.


Yankang blow molding machine produces 18-20 large-capacity multi-layer water tanks per hour on average.

yankang plastic pallets blow molding machine


2. Pallets Quality

Strong and Sturdy:

Climate conditions in different regions, there are various plastics can used for molding of high strength blow molded pallets.

Under the same load-bearing capacity, the blow molded pallets are more strong and durable than other pallets.


When the forklift driver is working to enter the pallets, the fork is easier to hit on the pallets, the blow pallets can be used again, but injection pallets is easier to  be breakable.


Uniform Products Wall Thickness:

Large blow molding machine and special blow molding device, ensure the wall thickness of blow molded pallets is uniform and the performance of product is more stable and reliable.


3. Pallets Performance

Good Impact Resistance:

When blow molded plastic during loading, unloading or transportation, it’s unavoidable to appear collision situation. Thus, the pallet will be damaged.

The blow molded pallets have good impact resistance due to its unique molding process. So it doesn’t matter whether you roughly handle them or not, whether you roll or throw them. Blow molded pallets can still be used after severe damage.


Blow molded pallets material is soft, and it is not easy to be damaged while workers are falling them heavily.

Inject molded pallets are too brittle which is easier to be broken while falling them directly.


Their impact strength is almost twice that of the inject molded pallets.

But the injection pallets can not be used again after damaged.


Good Low Temperature Resistance:

It can operate normally at minus 40 degrees Celsius without affecting its performance.


Long Life Time:

Blow molded pallets generally need not be repaired. Internal pillars can withstand high-altitude falls. Long service life. Some can even use 10 years.


Blow molded pallets has a longer life and average life is 3 times more than inject molded pallets. Due to stacking products,the pallets loading requirements are very strict, and the turnover is frequent,need to be stacking for 3 layers, because of the bag packaging is uneven,the inject molded pallets are easier to be deformed and damaged in the center after long term use. Blow pallets overcomes the disadvantage of fragile,denatured and short life of injection pallets.


Good Anti-Slip Effect:

The blow molded pallets has good anti-slip effect which can protect products. Inject molded pallets have anti-slip mat which is easier to fall of and bulge,scratch products.


4. Energy Consumption


Blow molded pallets have low requirement for material.

The waste material cut from the blow molded products can be put into production again after a certain treatment.

The material can be recycled and achieve material savings, reduce the cost.


But the inject molded pallets have high requirement for material.

Usually new raw materials are needed.

The quality of pallets that produced by other material is fully different.


Yankang Blow Molding Machine adopt advanced MOOG wall thickness controller. The wall thickness of blow molding products is more uniform.moog wall thickness controller



Energy Saving And Environmental Protection:

The production process of blow molding products is more environmentally friendly than inject moulding.

In addition, in terms of energy consumption, blow molding machine is more energy-saving than inject molding machine.


During the design and production of blow molding machine, Yankang Plastic Machinery adopt advanced Introduction Heaters for die head and extruders, which can save 40%-50% energy. And adopt servo motor for clamping system, which can save 40% energy.

induction heater


In a sense, reducing energy consumption also saves production costs. Right?


Cyclic Utilization:

Waste blow molded pallets can be recycled which is in line with the national environmental protection products.


5. Cost Savings

Machine turnover investment for injection pallets is much higher than blow molded pallets.



Here, the main five aspects of the advantages of blow molded pallets are ending.

Don’t worry.

Here we have prepared two questions, which are often asked by customers,we’ll give detailed answer.

And i think you should also be interested in them.

What are they?


Question 1:

Why is the price of blow molded pallets higher?

Because of the price, I may not choose it.



Because the strength of blow molded pallets is higher, the product price is more expensive than inject molded pallets.

However, the blow molded pallets have the advantages of high quality, stable performance, long lifetime, large load-bearing capacity,not easily damaged, low energy consumption and  material can be reused, which make its overall cost performance is better than inject molded pallets.



Question 2:

Some customers reported that: blow molded pallets have fewer types at the beginning.They are basically double-sided pallets and mainly used in industry and other industries.



Here I want to say, blow molded industry has developed and improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. As a result, the variety of products has changed.For example, new developed one-sided nine-legged overlapping plastic pallets in recent years, which is widely used in logistics industry.

nine legged overlapping plastic pallets


It can be overlapped, greatly saving space, and the load-bearing capacity is greatly increased than that of the inject molded nine-foot pallets.

And because the different country and region have different standard for pallets. Therefore, we can provide machine private customization service according practical needs of customers.

We’ll use our professional and advanced technology to meet your requirements from machine selection, design to production.


So, let us know what you need. We’ll try our best to satisfy you.


Back to the beginning of the article,

Why Choose Blow Molded Pallets?

After reading this article, do you know why?


blow molded pallets is with stronger material, better quality, high strength, high stiffness, longer life, bending strength,and can be worked at the enviorment of -40-40 degrees,the highest performance to price ratio.

For your industry, blow molded pallets is more suitable.



Maybe some people don’t know much about blow molding machines.

This article will give you a detailed introduction: https://www.yankangmachine.com/blow-molding/


In addition, there are many relevant articles about blow molding machine.


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