Blow Molding Machine Crusher Operation Specifications

crusher operation specifications

Today, Yankang will share the crusher operation specifications with you.

Before the crusher operation, the crushing staff must carefully read this «crusher operation specification », master the working principle, structure, and performance of the machine, maintain and maintain the crusher according to the standard, and work on the job after qualified training.

Crusher Operation

  1. When working, operators shall wear working clothes and masks, and shall not wear slippers and vests.
  2. Before starting the equipment, check whether the bolts are loose, and check and remove the materials in the crusher.
  3. Check whether the electrical control system is sensitive and reliable, check whether the steering is correct and whether the protective cover of the rotating device is intact. Inform the shift leader if there is any problem.
  4. After normal inspection, start the crusher. After the crusher idles for 1-2 minutes, it can be fed for crushing.
  5. Always pay attention to whether there are abnormal crash sound and strong vibration during operation. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for an inspection.
  6. When large pieces of returned materials are broken, they can be broken only after being separated by a chainsaw to avoid the crushing machine getting stuck and causing motor overload and burning out.
  7. The machine is never allowed to start with the load. In the process of crushing, if the crusher is stuck, stop the machine immediately. After turning off the power, clean up the waste materials in the crusher.
  8. When the crusher is in operation, it is forbidden to stand near the rotating part, and it is forbidden to stand above the crusher.
  9. After the crushing is completed, the crusher can be stopped after idling for 3 minutes. Clean, bag, and mark.

Crusher Operation

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