Influence of Production Environment on Electrical System

influence of the production environment on the electrical system

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share with you is the influence of the production environment on the electrical system.

Although the PLC-based electrical automatic control system is not particularly strict with the environment, in many hot and humid climates, the environment of many blow molding factories may not be suitable or the electrical automation system is not suitable for the working environment.

The temperature at the production site of the blow molding equipment may reach 50-60 degrees, while the temperature of the electrical cabinet may reach 60-70 degrees. Excessive operating time under such temperature conditions can cause serious damage to electrical components.

From the air humidity measured to test, many places have more than 85% air humidity in a year. The moisture in the air easily condenses into small water droplets. These small water droplets combine with the dust particles in the air, which can easily cause damage to electrical control components, resulting in control failure or electrical equipment accidents.

Especially in the seasonal climate change season, the temperature and humidity change greatly. Due to the sudden changes in climate temperature and air humidity, the damage caused by the electrical control part of the equipment is often great and needs special attention.

Pay attention to changes in the environment in which the equipment is used

In an environment where the ambient temperature and air humidity are too high, the stability of the electrical control components must be ensured.

A better method at present is to install an air conditioning system for the electrical cabinet of the blow molding machine. It can effectively reduce the temperature of the electrical cabinet and reduce the air humidity of the electrical cabinet.

From the actual installation of air conditioning, it is not possible to directly blow the air conditioner into the electrical cabinet, which may increase the internal humidity and cause direct harm. A better method is to construct a relatively small sealed space around the electrical cabinet. The air conditioner is used to reduce the temperature and humidity of the space to a suitable range, which can effectively ensure the stability of the electrical control system.

The use of many blow molding machines is not high. In the case of shutdown and maintenance, it is best to keep the electrical control system energized, so that the surface of the electrical control components is not easy to form water droplets, the wiring and solder joints of the components are not easily oxidized, and the electrical control system can be made. It starts up in a normal state when it is turned on. If the downtime is long, the electrical control system can be energized and maintained on a regular basis every week. The power supply maintenance time should not be shorter than 8 hours.

Regularly clean the electrical cabinet

Although the electrical cabinets are generally made relatively sealed, many parts are also dust-proof, but the dust particles in the air in the production workshop will always deposit on the surface of the electrical components and some contact surfaces, and deposit more. Will affect the performance of electrical equipment. Therefore, regular cleaning of electrical cabinets is essential to ensure long-term normal and stable operation of the equipment. Blow molding equipment manufacturers should develop a detailed and clear system, stipulate the cleaning methods used, and regularly clean the electrical cabinets. When cleaning the parts of the electrical cabinet, you can use a small brush and a hairdryer to cooperate. For the contact surface of some electrical connectors, you can use a clean cotton ball to rub a little alcohol, and then completely insert it. Go back to the original place. The screws at the wiring should also be tightened during cleaning to ensure good contact.

Maintain long-term stable and orderly state in the electrical cabinet

The internal space of the electrical cabinet of the blow molding machine is relatively large, which is designed to ensure that the electrical control components can work normally and the air can flow normally. However, some equipment manufacturers often use some equipment or maintenance personnel to put some items that are not equipment inside, which affects the heat dissipation in the electrical cabinet, which directly leads to the temperature rise in the electrical cabinet. Sometimes it may directly cause damage and short circuit of the wiring, causing an unsafe accident. Therefore, it is necessary for the equipment manufacturers to strictly control the products and systems in the early stage of the equipment entering the factory, and regularly check the key parts of the equipment to reduce the occurrence of bad conditions caused by poor management.

The above is about the influence of the production environment on the electrical system.

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