Large Blow Molding Machine Operation Manual | Installation And Commission

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Why should I share this large blow molding machine operation manual with you? Before the production of the blow molding machine, relevant installation and commission work must be carried out. Both for the blow molding machine itself and for the plastic blow-molded products. Therefore, the editor of Yankang brought you this blow molding machine operation manual about installation and commission.

Large Blow Molding Machine Installation And Commission Manual

Turn on the main switch of the control cabinet, and set the operation selector switch to the anti-rust oil in the jog or manual 1.

Press the start switch and stop immediately. The purpose of this is to check the direction of the pump.

Make sure that the cooling water of the cooling cylinder can be opened normally.

Turn on the heating system and temperature control system of the hollow blow molding machine.

Preheat hydraulic oil. If the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hollow blow molding machine’s oil tank is too low, the heater should be started immediately to ensure that the hydraulic oil reaches the standard temperature.

The start-up of large hollow blow molding machines should be carried out without pressure in the hydraulic system. After starting, the pressure of the overflow system of each pump is adjusted according to the process parameters to reach the standard pressure.

Adjust the position of all strokes to ensure the normal operation of the moving template.

blow molding machine operation manual about installation and commission

Large Blow Molding Machine Installation And Commission Tips

The operation door should be closed during the installation and commission.

In the process of installation and commission of a large blow molding machine, try your best with the technical personnel of the blow molding machine manufacturer, they can give relevant technical guidance.

Yankang as a professional blow molding machine supplier. Not only provides high-quality large blow molding machines, but it also provides comprehensive after-sales service. Regarding the installation and commission of blow molding machines, Yankang will arrange professional technicians to guide the installation and commission on-site, and make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation.

In fact, there are not many things to be noted in the blow molding machine operation manual about installation and commission just follow the operation manual steps.

The installation and commission of a large blow molding machine are of course important. In addition to the debugging of the machine, we also need to Test The Mold Of The Blow Molding Machine in order to produce more reliable plastic blow-molded products.

blow molding machine operation manual

About the blow molding machine operation manual, the editor has introduced here. Don’t ignore this preparation, it can not only prepare for the production of large blow molding machines but also ensure the quality of plastic blow molding products to a certain extent.


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