Plastic Crusher Maintenance For Blow Molding Machine [Easy To Get]

plastic crusher maintenance

Do you know that it is necessary to know the Plastic Crusher Maintenance For Blow Molding Machine?


Because their state can directly affect the normal operation of the blow molding machine.

So, today we’ll share with you the plastic crusher maintenance for blow molding machine.

The content is easy to get.


Let’s first understand the working principle of plastic crusher.


The plastic crushed material is subjected to its own gravity or external force, entering the crusher from the feeding port.

By the action of high-speed rotation, in this way, materials and tool holders, materials, and materials constantly collide and friction with each other.

Material is constantly crushed until it reaches a certain fineness.

Finally, the screen plate is discharged from the crusher to become the required product.plastic crusher maintenance


Let’s come into the theme.


How to do the plastic crusher maintenance for blow molding machine?

  • The plastic crusher should place in the ventilation position.

Ensure heat dissipation of motor and prolong its using lifetime.


  • Be sure to refuel grease to bearing regularly.

Ensure the lubricity of bearing.


  • Check the screw of the cutter tool regularly.

Use the tool to fasten the screw of the moving cutter and fixed cutter.

Strengthen the fixedness between the blade and holder.


  • In order to ensure the sharpness of cutter tool incision, you should always check the cutter tool.

Reduce the unnecessary damage of other parts due to the blunt of the blade.


  • Pay attention to the gap between the moving cutter and fixed cutter when changing the cutter.

Above 20HP, 0.8MM is preferred.

Below 20HP, 0.5MM is preferred.

The thinner the recycled material is, the gap can be adjusted largely appropriately.


  • Before the second startup, clear up the remaining scrap in the machine room firstly to reduce the starting resistance.

Open the inertial hood and belt wheel hood. Clean the ash outlet under the flange board.


  • The plastic crusher machine should keep good contact with the ground.


  • Check the belt of plastic crusher whether slack or not regularly, tighten up in time.


Plastic crusher maintenance is not difficult, you should do it step by step.


Next, Plastic Crusher Attention Tips for you.


  • Before start-up, we should use human power to move the transmission wheel one or two times first.

Check the running of the rotary cutter whether it is flexible or not.

Whether there is a collision phenomenon in the crusher room or not.

After starting up, whether the rotation direction of the rotor is the same as the direction directed by the arrow.

Whether the lubrication of power machinery and crusher is good or not.

Only after everything is working properly can you turn it on.

Feed plastic material into the crusher, after it is working properly.

After starting, it should be kept idling for 2 to 3 minutes, with no abnormal phenomena before feeding.


  • Keep an eye on the running status of the plastic crusher.

First of all, the feeding should be uniform in order to prevent blocking the crush room.

Secondly, don’t work overloaded for a long time.

If you found the vibration, noise, the temperature of bearing and the machine body is high or material spraying outward, and other phenomena. Stop the machine and check immediately.

After troubleshooting, we can continue to work. Prevent overload.


  • Check whether the particle size of the product meets the requirements.

If there are too many particles beyond the prescribed size, the reason should be found out.

(For example, the gap of the screen is too large, the discharge outlet is too wide, whether the screen mesh is due to the material holding the gap, etc.)

And take appropriate measures to eliminate.


  • Before stopping operation,

the feeding should be stopped and the material in the machine discharged firstly, then the power supply of the motor should be cut off.


  • When the plastic crusher stops,

it is necessary to check whether the fastening bolt is firm or not, the wear degree of the easily worn parts and the worn parts should be replaced or repaired in time.


  • The safety device of a plastic crusher must be kept in good condition.

It must not be easy to make the safety device invalid.


We suggest that you choose an energy-savings plastic crusher for a blow molding machine.

This can save costs for you.

Yankang Plastic Machinery specialized in the blow molding machine, at the same time, provide blow molding auxiliary machine. Such as plastic crusher.

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Yankang Plastic Crusher Advantages:

  • Flake style crushers are suitable for recycling conventional sheets, tube plastic, profiles, packaging plastics, extrusion mould products, and runners;
  • This model adopts with an air-tight sealed bearing to allow long time rotation;
  • Well-designed cutter blade can ensure the balance of pellets size after crushing;
  • The cutter base is with special heat treatment while assembling, and they are elegant in appearance.

Crusher Detailed Description: (Including details, plastic crusher parameter, service, etc.)


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