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How to Maintain the Temperature Controller?

Temperature Controller Maintenance

The heating system of the accumulator dies head is divided into three parts. The first part is the temperature controller. The second part is the contactor and the third part is the heater. Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery first shares with you about the temperature controller maintenance. In recent years, the heating system of super size blow molding machine has some changes by adopting a PLC temperature module instead of the temperature controller and adopting solid state relay instead of the…

How Should the Extruder of Blow Molding Machine be Maintained?

Extruder of Blow Molding Machine -Yankang Plastic Machinery

Ongoing maintenance is essential to improving operation efficiency, output, and quality of the product. In addition, it will prolong the time intervals of machine overhaul and reduce the overall operating cost of the blow molding machine. Maintenance has been ongoing from manufacture through installation and testing. Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery will share with you how to maintain the extruder of the blow molding machine. 1) Daily maintenance Daily maintenance usually completed in the starting period. do not take the running work…