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Want to Double the Blow Molding Output? Check the Mold [Quickly]


Mold. An important part of the blow molding machine. Want to double the blow molding output? Very simple. Check your MOLD. Quickly! Then go to the topic. The mold used for the hollow blow molding is composed of two half-side molds, and the main structures of the blow molds of different products are basically the same. According to the difference of the mold clamping machine, half of them can be used as a fixed mold, and the other half can…

Prevention and Treatment of Carbonization Problems in Blow Molding Products

carbonization of plastic products

Carbonization of plastic products can have serious adverse effects on the quality and production cost of the products. For plastics manufacturers, it is extremely important to effectively prevent and solve the carbonization of plastic products. So how is the carbonization of plastic products formed? How can we prevent this problem? Today, Yankang will give a detailed introduction to the reasons and solutions for the formation of carbonization of plastic products. 1.Reasons and processes of carbonization of plastic products In the…

26[powerful] Advantages: Company Strength and Product Technology

26[powerful] Advantages: Company Strength and Product Technology

As the biggest water tank blow molding machine manufacturers in China, Yankang Plastic Machinery has a lot of advantages to company strength and product technology. And then? Today, Yankang will share with you about 12 corporate competitive advantages and 13 company product advantages. 12 Corporate Competitive Advantages The scale of the company is second to none in the entire blow molding machine industry in China. Whether it is a plant construction or a technical team or a product category, it…

10[Comprehensive]Common Problems With Blow Molding Products

10[Comprehensive]Common Problems With Blow Molding Products

Today you’re going to see 10 comprehensive common problems with blow molding products. In fact: In the process of extrusion blow molding, there are always many technical problems. Yankang Plastic Machinery would like to share with you the reasons for these problems and the corresponding solutions, hoping to provide you with relevant suggestions for solving problems. Let’s dive right in. 1.The uneven vertical wall thickness of blow molding products 2.The non-uniform horizontal wall thickness of blow molding products 3. Orange peel…